Getting ready for summer!

I am preparing the girls wardrobe for the summer, thus realising that the girls also need more practical tees and as I really want to work more with knits, I’ve decided to try making some for them.

After seeing some really cute ones here and here I decided to give it a go and made a Tinley tee by GYCT Designs for each. I really like the tee and the fact that it has several sleeve options, so this time, I’ve chosen the flutter sleeves both in size 5 and used a very soft Interlock Jersey. Although for M I could probably have made a size 4, the truth is during summer for some particular reason the tees tend to end up too short by the end of the season! I think they usually have a growth spurt that time of the year.


To go with the Tees I also made skirts! I wanted something simple so I tried the pattern “p – Tiered Skirt” from the book “Sew Chic Kids”. I know, again! I think I will hide this book until I make at least a couple of things from the other books! For Little Lady M I made a size 2 (100 cm) without any change and for Little Lady F a size 4 (110 cm) but with a bigger hem to make it look shorter. The fabric is a Lightweight cotton bought from Miss Matatabi last winter in a sale, that was waiting for the good weather to be used and although it is not the kind of print I usually pick out I am very pleased with the fresh look it gives to the skirts.

Skirt.aBy now you probably realised the print is not uniform. The print near the selvage is different from the rest! Well I only realised when it was too late! As a result, one side of the skirt has a different print from the rest… I like it anyway 😉



I am enjoying to work with knits and there are so many things I already have pictured in my mind and in my “to do” list using them, but I have to confess it is being challenging. For example, it is quite visible in these tees that the hem is far from perfect because my sewing machine was eating the fabric! But I will get there 😉



These photos were so hard to take. F was having some kind of a clown day and didn’t stop making funny things. I was able to take some funny pictures but that was not what I really needed at the moment… Even though I managed to take a few that are presentable.





These outfits really make me dream of those lazy days during summer holidays 🙂



Wish you a great week 🙂