A Vintage Blouse with Puffy Sleeves


I don’t know about you but lately, I haven’t been feeling like sewing much. Hopefully, my mood will change soon.

Nonetheless, I really wanted to share this blouse I made a few weeks ago, as not only I really like how it turned out but, also found it quite interesting to make.


The pattern is a vintage one, Style 4752, from 1974, found on eBay. I was looking for a pattern similar to this one when I come across this one and really liked it. My initial idea was a peter pan collar and I first thought about changing the pattern however, the bow won in the end and I do not regret it. I can always make another version, right?


Besides the short sleeve version, this pattern also includes a long sleeve option and a skirt with two lengths, available in size 10. Actually, my husband said this blouse would look better with a skirt so, I might have to make one…


I did not make any changes or adjustments to the pattern and I absolutely love the fit. The French dart improves the fit so much! I didn’t quite finish it how it is mentioned in the Complete Guide to Sewing (my most used sewing book) and “had to” finish with the overlocker. How do you finish French darts?


This was my first time making a bow tie collar and the instructions did not mentioned interfacing the standing part, so I didn’t. However, I now think I should have. Next time I will know! That is the beauty of sewing, there is always something new to learn.


The fabric used is a lightweight dobby cotton from Ratucos, bought a couple of years ago. I wanted the pattern to “shine” and, for that reason, a plain fabric would, in my opinion, work better. I like how it turned out.


Of course, my favourite feature is the sleeve. No surprise here! I really like how puffy it is. The bow tie also looks cute and I am happy I decide not to change it.


Have a lovely weekend.


Maria x

First autumn sewing

Some time ago Constança, sent me a pattern that I loved the minute I saw it (thank you so much), but did not immediately made it because the girls had a few similar pinafore dresses that I had bought before I started sewing. Now those pinafore dresses don’t fit them anymore and I had the opportunity to give it a go because this is the kind of clothes that my girls always have in their wardrobe. 🙂

The pattern is Style 3718 for 4, 5 and 6 years from 1983 and I made a size 4 for M and size 5 for F.


I haven’t made any changes to the original pattern, just didn’t stitched the straps in the back as instructed so as they grow I can change the position of the button to make them last longer, which is one of the things I like about the pinafores besides being really cute.


The fabric used is a cotton denim with some stretch. It was chosen to match with almost anything, that is, to be a basic for this season.



To add some interest I used flower shaped wood buttons and lace in the pocket. I know that if the lace was of a different colour it would look better or at least would increase the interest, but I really wanted this pinafore to be a basic and so I decided to use the blue. It works for the purpose I had in mind.


In summary, I liked this pattern once is easy to sew, the finished garment fits very well and is really cute, therefor I have the intention of making it again with a different fabric option.






Wish you a great week and a lovely Autumn 🙂