Girls’ Easter Dresses

Easter is always a good reason to make new dresses for girls, don’t you agree? To be honest this year it was actually a necessity for F as she outgrown almost everything she owned! But as I had enough fabric, I didn’t want to leave M without a new dress as well (nothing to do with my “necessity” to see my daughters matching).


I had a couple of patterns, bought some time ago already, that I never had the opportunity to make and really wanted to, before the girls outgrow them. Patterns and fabrics were chosen with the girls as their approval is essential at this age if I want the clothes to be used. Pre-teen these days…

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For F we decided to make a vintage Simplicity pattern (bought from eBay) that dated from 1968, in view 1, size 8. The dress is actually quite simple the interest of it being the front tucks and for this view, I also particularly like the sleeves.


As usual in vintage patterns, there was only one size available so, I did not mix different sizes as I usually do nonetheless, the fit turned out good, no adjustments were needed. A straight size 8 and didn’t even changed the hem.


The only thing F asked was not to use lace at the neckline. I also used an invisible zipper instead of a regular one (as suggested) and I think it turned out adorable. I might have to redo the sleeves hem by hand as the inside doesn’t look brilliant, but for Easter Sunday I did not have the time and had to go as it is.


For M I also used a pattern that have been waiting for a long time to be used, the Mary De from The Children’s Corner Patterns. This pattern has been revised recently but I own the previous version in sizes 7 and 8.


The original is a smocked dress/pinafore but, as I never learned how to smock, I made a few changes. First, I used the lining front pattern piece to cut the front piece, in order to eliminate the smocked part. Second, I used the back-skirt pattern piece and cut the fabric on fold to make the front skirt. Third, I took 4 ½ inches from the skirt length.


Now, I made a mistake and cut a size (or two) too big. As you can see in the photos, the pinafore is quite large on M. She still played, had an egg hunt and jumped on the trampoline without complain but, it would look better if I had cut a size 7 instead of size 8. I intended to cut a size 7 but, I was running out of time and did not pay attention as I should and instead, I’ve cut a size 8 as I usually do for her. Good thing it is big and not small! She will grow and it will fit, eventually…

I really like the back of this pattern and that it can be used as a dress on its own or as a pinafore with a blouse underneath. Also, that it’s a simple design as M prefers but with some interest.


The fabric used is a light twill bought at a stock out from a Portuguese children’s clothes company by some of my thoughtful Portuguese sewing friends. For the pinafore bodice lining, I used a cotton voile from my stash.


Now it’s time to sew for the girls’ summer wardrobe 😊

New nightgowns

I don’t think there is such thing as Easter Pyjamas!? Well, this is the pattern I bought to make the girls Christmas nightgowns, but they were never made until now, oops! At the time, I also bought the fabric (a flannel), lace trim, elastic… but didn’t made it, though. So I bought a lighter fabric (flannel didn’t looked appropriate for this time of the year despite not being warm outside) and gave it a go 🙂

The pattern is Simplicity 1575 view C for both girls. I decided not to wait for next Christmas because I really love this pattern and only go until size 6, which is the girls’ age already, however later I realised that I will be able to use the patter for a couple more years, apparently!

For the fabric I’ve selected a cotton lawn with pink spots for Little Lady M and duck egg spots for Little Lady F.





For Little Lady M I made a size 4 and although she is a bit taller than the high in the chart, it turned out huge on her! Against M’s will, because she wanted her nightgown to be like the ones from the princesses, I had to shorten it a couple of inches and still is really long on her.

It’s big on her slim figure but she loved it so much, she kept asking me to take more pictures of her.





Knowing already that the sizes were a bit big, for Little Lady F. I also made a size 4, although she as the high of a size 5 and still is roomy on her. Despite not being a princess kind of girl (there are a few exceptions) she liked a lot her new “pyjama dress” as she called it.



This is F’s favourite book to help her fall asleep, because just like Sam sheep, she can’t (doesn’t want) go to sleep.


It was the first time I used a Simplicity pattern and was a little afraid of the instructions I must say, but despite not giving much information on the finishing I now feel a bit more confident and decided to try it and I’m glad I did it. I made everything as told in the instructions and just added the lace trim on the neck ruffle.





Have a great weekend 🙂