The Recital Shirt

So, here I am sharing another ruffled blouse. Even before the ruffles become trendy, I already used to wear them, so it’s only natural that I started collecting patterns with ruffles when they started being released, right?

This time I made the Recital Shirt, a pattern by Liesl + Co. I knew I needed that pattern the moment it came out, but some patterns I prefer in paper version, so I waited a sale to get my copy in the paper version. I can now tell you that it was worth it.


The pattern offers different options for front, collar and placket. I opted for version A, with princess seams, ruffled collar and continuous placket.


This pattern offers a range size from 0 to 20, and for different cup sizes. According to my measurements, I made a size 0, cup A/B, without modifications and I won’t make changes in my next version.


I particularly like the fit, not being baggy at the waist, thanks to the back darts and princess seams. Although it doesn’t make hemming any easier, I like how the slit looks like and makes it more comfortable to wear.


The instructions provided are very useful, leading to a neat final result. I don’t make sleeve plackets that often, so it’s something that causes me some apprehension at first, but I had no issues at all.


The fabric I’ve used is a lovely Liberty bought from Cousette, two years ago already! I really like this print and colour, and was saving it for something I’m sure I will wear a lot.



I do like to wear blouses and the fit in this one is very good, but I admit I, probably, wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t for the collar. 😉


This was not a fast project but was definitely worth it. 😊

Ruffle Collar Shirt

I love to see a ruffle collar in a little girl and my girls always had worn them, so I haven’t resisted this pattern when I saw it! They had a couple of shirts very similar to these that they wore for the last couple of years but finally they have outgrown (can’t ask for more for a kids garment, right?) and now I was looking for a pattern that I could use to replace them.

The pattern is the Ruffle Collar Shirt from Amelie Clothing. I used size 5 for both girls but made some minor changes. I reduced the ruffle width in ½ inch and reduced the sleeve length in 1 ½ inches for Little Lady M a slightly less for Little Lady F. Also had to change the way the sleeve is made to include the trim. The trim ended up being one of my favourite details of the shirt, but I almost did a regular long sleeve then I give it a second thought and why not use that cut, already in the pattern and add something else?

For the fabric I used cotton poplin and I must say that although it might not look like a print suitable for little girls, I like it a lot and had an eye on that fabric for a while.



Although I might try some changes next time, I like this shirt and the way the girls look in it. It’s classy, but good enough to go with jeans and in a few months with shorts. The girls were also pleased 🙂

Here it is Little Lady M wearing her new shirt…




Little Lady F…



And both girls 😉


Warning: I am not responsible for the following photos. The responsibility is entirely from the girls.

They, usually, don’t mind taking photos and even ask me sometimes to take some, so I let them play a little and here they are trying new poses for photos 🙂




Have a lovely week 🙂