Summer skirts for the girls

A couple of years ago I made skirts for the girls from the Japanese sewing book “Sew Chic Kids” and they loved them. They are a bit short now but they still want to wear them, so I thought new ones would be very welcome and I was right!


The pattern is the Tired Skirt (p) in size 4 for M and 6 for F. I find this pattern a bit long for my personal preference and that is the reason I’m using a smaller size than the recommended for their height.


As soon as I saw the Dashwood Confetti collection at Sew Crafty Shop I knew it would be perfect for these skirts and I really like how they turned out. For F, I used the Flower Seed


and for M the Flower Ball. Although the prints are different, I like how well they match.


I know the girls will be wearing the skirts a lot 😊

Is it Spring yet?

It has been a long time since I last blogged! During February, I haven’t written a single post! That doesn’t mean I have been quiet, but for some reason I didn’t shared what I’ve made. I blame the weather and the lack of light to take the photos.

One (actually there are two!) of the things I’ve made was my project as part of the Sew Crafty Design Team that I am really happy to continue being part of. 😊 For this project, I used a chambray like Sevenberry Yarn Dyed Cotton in pale blue colour that worked really well and I obtained the look I was envisioning.

I made a dress for F and a blouse for M, using the same pattern, the Friday Dress by Petit a Petit and Family already with better weather in mind. I will start with the dress once I made it without changes to the pattern.

For F, I made the option B, with long sleeves and pointy collar in size 7. Can’t say exactly why, but I love shirt dresses so, I knew I had to make this option and I love how it turned out. Better yet, she loved it as well! She says it’s more “grownup-ish” and was so happy in it.




The only thing I haven’t done was using elastic in the sleeve so that she can roll the sleeves. I confess I thought that because I was using a plain fabric it could be less appealing but, to be honest I absolutely love how it looks. To add some interest to it, but also because I can’t resist adding some lace, I used a lace trim along the button placket.


The same fabric and trim was used for M so that they can match, not being dressed exactly the same.


For M I made some changes to the pattern, what is a first for me! If you follow my work for some time now, you might have realised that I don’t usually make changes to patterns, but this time I finally took the courage because I wanted this particular look.


The changes weren’t complex, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to make it, 😉 I only extended the back bodice, shortened the front bodice and used rectangles for the blouse skirt (if I can call it this way).


For the blouse, I used the mandarin collar and short sleeves also using as base the pattern in size 7.

Sorry for the amount of pictures in today’s post and I have a few more things to share, so I expect to post more regularly!

Wish you a great weekend! 😊

It’s almost Christmas!

This is my third project as part of the Sew Crafty Design Team and as Christmas is so close, I’ve decided to make something that could be used not only this time of year but, also in any other period, together or as separated pieces.



M is now much into skirts. She keeps asking me to make them to her. So, I made a skirt and a blouse adding just a removable velvet bow to add some festive look. The bow I reused from the Christmas dresses I made two years ago. It’s kind of like in Lavoisier’s Law! 😉



So, let’s start with the blouse. The blouse pattern is the Odette, by Citronille, a pattern that I have used before and really like. How could I resist that peter pan collar! The blouse is quite simple to make but, the result is so nice.



I made a size 6, without modifications and used a white swiss dot fabric. If you have been following me for some time, you must know how I like this fabric. This fabric is perfect for blouses!



For the skirt, I used a free pattern, the Sadie skirt from Jilly Atlanta. I made this skirt before (although I did not blog about it) and I knew M liked it and so did I. How cute is the paper bag effect? I made a simple version of the pattern, that also include front pockets and sash carriers to use with a sash.


I made a size 6, with a length between the vintage version and the normal one and used a lovely fine corduroy. I really like this colour!


I think this is an outfit that is good to be used during this festive period, but also during the rest of the year.

Humm, I think there might be some Christmas presents hidden up here…


Have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂