Refashion – Man’s shirt into skirt and shorts for the girls

It took me a lot more time than I expected to start sewing this New Year, but this is a great start.

Magda from the blog “House of Estrela” kindly invited me to be part of her “Refashion Week”. Magda is a master in refashion and is a nice and very talented lady, which increases my challenge 😉


As you might know I’m quite new to sewing and this was my first refashion project. I had a shirt from my husband that had a collar in bad shape but apart from that it was good. That let me with one shirt and two kids to sew for… I needed to be very careful in my choices. This is how I ended up with one skirt and shorts.


Let me start with the skirt. For the skirt I just cut the shirt’s bottom and with the measurements from another skirt, I’ve cut the height needed. The side seams remained the original and I just hemmed the skirt with bias tape and added a waistband using the same fabric. And here it is a skirt for Little Lady M, who found it quite good to dance!



Now the shorts! I used the pattern Funny shorts from Puperita. This pattern was already bought last Black Friday and was waiting for the right time to be used. I did it in size 5 and as directed in the instructions. For the waistband and leg band I used the same floral fabric already used in the skirt. Here it is Little Lady F wearing her new shorts.



As you might have noticed both outfits have some room to grow because, unfortunately, they are not expected to be worn during the next couple of month. Can you see how much I need good weather in my life? I am already thinking of summer… (now in my head Olaf is singing “In summer”) But I will have to wait because for now the forecast is snow!

Something else new in this project is the fact that I did not made the same outfit for both girls, I did different but matching outfits 🙂 (of course the girls did complain!)


Thank you Magda for you kind invitation, I really loved this challenge 🙂

Now you should go to Magda’s Blog to see who else is participating in this series and and over to Constança’s blog “Saidos da Concha” to see the refashion project that she is sharing today. I have to confess that I am really curious to see what everybody else is doing 😉


Wish you all a great week 🙂