Sara’s Baby Shower

When I first started sewing, my girls were already 5 years old so, the opportunity to sew for babies doesn’t happen often and when it does I grab it!

Most likely you already know Sara from Made by Sara (I’ve mentioned her here before!) just had her 4th child, a lovely baby boy and we are here to celebrate it!

In fact, sewing for boys was a first for me! I confess it was not easy for me to choose a project as don’t have many baby patterns and even less for boys, but I enjoyed it and in the end choose something for when the baby gets a little bigger and because by then he will be moving a lot, also something comfortable but I believe, quite cute as well. 🙂


I made a long sleeve tee and sweatpants so that he can be comfortable while starting to explore all around him! The tee is the Safari Raglan by Titchy Threads in size 6 months. I have made this tee for my girls before and I knew it would be perfect! The fabric I used is a super soft jersey from Nosh that I really like and believe it is perfect for babies.


For the bottom I wasn’t sure what I was going to make but then I remembered the Ottobre magazines I have and had a look. These sweatpants are from issue 6/2016, pattern number 2 in size 74cm.


The recommended fabric for the trousers is sweatshirt knit but instead I used a denim look jersey also from Nosh, that is very comfortable but stylish and worked really well.


The constructions is really quick but with a method for the waistband different from what I am used. My first thought was, I will do it as I usually do, but then I decided to try this method and I am happy I did. I made a small change anyway but love how perfect it looks also on the inside.


Hope Sara and her baby boy like what I’ve made and most of all wish all the best for the new member and, of course, for their lovely family! 🙂

Don’t forget to check all the blogs that are part of Sara’s Baby Shower! I’ve seen such lovely things already. 🙂

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Ottobre stripey Tees for the girls

Since the Portuguese Bloggers Sew Ottobre that I wanted to make these tees for the girls, in fact this was one of my options, but at the time I thought the shirts I’ve made would be used more. The thing is, now it is the perfect weather to use them and I had this fantastic fabric asking to become tees, so I just had to. 😉

The pattern is the number 25 from issue 1/2015. Don’t ask me why, but I love a boat-neckline so this tee easily caught my attention, also the sleeves are very cute (I will be talking about to the sleeves later!).




For M I made the size 116 cm and for F size 122 cm. Both girls are between sizes, but I opted to size up and I don’t regret it.




I did cut the pattern according to the instructions but, I had to made a change in the sleeves. According to the pattern the sleeve should have an elastic to make the gathering but, I wasn’t able to make it! I’ve used this technique before with woven and had no problems at all but with knits it was a completely different story. I had to stretch the elastic and sew, but because the fabric is also stretchy it wouldn’t move it was stitching in the same place and ruining the fabric. So I tried a couple of times, didn’t work and I just cropped the fabric to make them straight sleeves, which I was really sorry because the gathered sleeve was one of the details that caught my attention to this pattern. If anyone has any recommendation to make it work, I will really appreciate. 🙂




Another thing that did not went accordingly to the plan was the hem. After cutting the fabric and before sewing the tees I met Marta (DoGuincho) and we talked about this pattern, so I knew this was likely to happen and it did! I used the serger then fold up, press and stitched but the hem keeps turning out! Next time, like Marta suggested I will keep the hem straight and not curved!




The fabric used is a jersey from here, that I really love the quality and colours. I’ve also made shirts for me using this fabrics, so it is very likely that you will be seeing more of these around here.



Although things did not go quite well as planned I still like the tees and they will certainly be getting a lot of use. As you can see the girls aren’t really bothered if the sleeves are gathered or not or even if the hem is turning out! They had a blast that day. 🙂

Portuguese Bloggers Sew Ottobre

Ottobre, the Finnish magazine is celebrating its 15th Anniversary and a group of 15 Portuguese bloggers got together to celebrate such important date. There are some seriously talented ladies in this group and I am very proud to be part of the fun!


Ottobre is mainly known for their knit patterns, but you can also find some nice ones for woven, like the tunic I am sharing today. The pattern is the number 24 from the issue 4/2014.





I made it size 110 cm for M and 116 cm for F and the fit pleases me, as it is loose enough to play freely without being large. I believe it will have plenty of use next week, during half term school break.



I did not made major changes to the original pattern, just omitted the two front pockets that can be seen in the magazine.



The fabric is a striped chambray in red (for M) and blue (for F) that I really love but almost drove me to insanity to photograph (need to improve my skills in that field). Apart from that I like the way it looks and it is great for this time of the year.



As I mentioned before I like the fit of the tunics but my favourite part of this pattern are the puffed lower part of the sleeves. In fact I must add that the way the pattern is made in this particular bit helps a lot and I was pleased with the attention to the detail.


I think I’ve mentioned before that I have some resistance to try different or new things (like it happened with Japanese books or Burda!) and this tour was a great help to finally give a go on the Ottobre magazines I had and I’m happy it happened because I honestly liked it and will try different patterns.


I did not asked for this photo, it is truly spontaneous! I believe that the fact that F have been off school with temperature for a couple of days made them miss each other. They do have a funny relationship, they miss and worry about each other but don’t let that fool you, they can make me lose my mind when they are together 😉

There is an amazing giveaway* running along with this tour! Ottobre design(R) was outstandingly kind – a huge thank you for your generosity!

Seven lucky readers from all of the participants blogs will win one of the following: 

  • five one-year subscriptions for Ottobre magazine (kids+women’s issues)
  • one gift card of 50 euros to Ottobre’s fabric shop on Etsy
  • one gift card of 30 euros to Maças d’Amor fabric shop (where you can find nani IRO, Cotton and Steel, Dashwood Studio, Soft Cactus prints and many more), brought to you by all the Portuguese bloggers participating on this tour. 🙂 

The giveaway will be open from October 15th to October 29th. Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

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*Open internationally. You must have +18 years old to enter. Void were prohibited by law.

Don’t forget to check what the other ladies are doing because I’ve seen serious talent so far!!

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