The Mayfair Dress

Did you take part in the Me Made May this year? I’ve been taking part for the last three years and although I didn’t document it every day, I did wear me made clothes every single day. Participating in Me Made May helps me realise what I wear the most and what works better for me, so that I can make things that I will effectively wear.

This year, I realised that I need more dresses, as I really love to wear them, and blouses in solid colours that go well with jeans and a cardigan without thinking too much if the colours match. White works wonderfully for me!

Luckily for me, Nina Lee had a call for testers, for a new dress pattern! I hadn’t tested for Nina before, but have tried one of her patterns and liked the way this new dress looked.


The Mayfair Dress is a versatile dress, designed for knit fabrics with options to make it perfect all year round and is available in sizes 6 to 20.


The dress has three sleeve and two length options and I opted for the short sleeve and knee length. According to my measurements, I made a size 6 graded to size 8 at the hip and I’m happy with the fit.


My favourite part must be the gathering front. It wasn’t the easiest knit project (also due to the fabric used) but certainly was worth it. Although the fabric made things a bit tricky at times, I just adore the way it drapes. Also, did you notice it is not blue? Big improvement for me! I got this viscose jersey from Fabric Godmother.


The pattern is now available in PDF and will soon be available in paper format. Until next Sunday you can get it with 10% off with code “hellomayfair”.