Marie, a new dress for F!

After F’s dresses request for this summer, I decided to make her a dress that was one of the first patterns I tried, from when I first stated sewing.

The pattern is the “Marie” from Citronille and despite being an easy pattern there is something about it that I love. Like I mentioned before, it was one of the patterns I firstly made and although it was not perfect I really liked it and got a few compliments.





For F, I made a size 6 without adjustments and I am pleased with the fit. It is a bit loose but that makes it perfect to move around, especially during hot days.



One of the things I remembered from the first ones I made was that the sleeves’ seams were a bit visible, so this time I made French seams not only at the sides but also at the sleeves. Much better now! 🙂



Although I did not changed anything in the pattern, the instructions say to make a thread loop to close at the back with a button, but I also remember well how many times the girls broke it and for that reason I decided to use a grosgrain ribbon in a contrasting colour. Okay, I am not going to lie… I also think it looks cute.



The fabric used is an Eloise Liberty Tana Lawn from here, that I’ve already used to make a tunic for M, but in a different colour. This way, they will be matching without looking the same. I am getting better with not having to match all the time but still, I like to see them wearing clothes that when I look they match in some way.


I believe this is a perfect dress for summer! Loose fit but elegant and feminine.

Baby Shower

This is a post different than usual, a very sweet post <3. Patrícia from the blog “Pequeno Mundo a 3” (you already know her, right? 😉 ) is soon due to become mum for the second time 🙂 She is already Miss Caracolinhos’ mum and is expecting another little girl in a few days, so her little world is going to grow a bit more.

Although I don’t know Patrícia personally (yet) I can tell you that she is a very sweet, kind and funny person, so when the idea of a Baby Shower came up I immediately said YES!! She deserves it and the arrival of a new baby is always a good reason to celebrate 🙂

Not being able to make a traditional Baby Shower, the idea was to virtually reunite a group of bloggers and make the “party”. Like in any conventional Baby Shower the baby gets presents, so this is my welcome present for Baby S. ❤


This was my first time sewing something for a baby and loved it. I must say that was made with plenty of care, love and hope Patrícia will like it.

For Baby S. I made a two matching pieces, a top with a ruffle collar and bloomers. Both patterns are from the book “Intemporel Pour Bébés” and I must say that I love the way they look. The fabric used for the top is Clip Dot Petal cotton lawn from Michael Miller that I already had for some time and that seemed perfect for a baby because it is so soft. For the ruffle I used a Liberty (Katie and Millie) already used before and that matched beautifully (my own opinion of course 😉 ). Both pieces are 3 month size, so hopefully Baby S. will be able to wear it during Summer.





When a new baby is born and already have a big brother or sister, I usually also give them a present and this time is no exception, so I made a tunic for Miss Caracolinhos to match her baby sister (I know, I have a huge tendency for matching siblings clothes, twins or not, just can’t help it!). For big sister I used the same fabric combo and the pattern is Marie by Citronille in size 4 (hope not too big…).




I love this tunic/dress and think it’s perfect for summer. The only change I made to the pattern was the way it closes in the back and instead of a button and a thread loop I extended the bias tape to make a bow. Last summer I made a dress version for my girls and the thread loop kept breaking so I thought this would work better and once again, in my opinion, look better.



So these are my baby shower gifts for Patrícia’s little girls 🙂 Hope she will like them and get them soon, with no stops in Japan 😉




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