The Loveralls at the Sewing Block After Party!



By now you have, very likely, seen some amazing clothes made for the Sewing Block Party by Petit a Petit and Family. I’ve been following the Blog Tour and I must say I’ve seen wonderful things made by very talented ladies, so when Emi asked me if I would like to join I said yes. Immediately after, I got scared! The thing is the bar was too high and I didn’t had much time, but I didn’t wanted to let go the chance to use the Loveralls patterns I had bought recently. Also, the girls’ birthday is approaching fast and I wanted to make them something to wear at the party.

Therefore, I decided to make the Loveralls skirt for M.



I made a size 6 using a Liberty needlecord that M didn’t liked when I bought it! She said “No thank you! You can make something for daddy!”. Well I don’t think daddy would really appreciate it, it is not really his style, so I kept the fabric away for a few months and now used it and she loved it! 😉



The only change I made (it is not even a real change) was removing the centre seams. I like the topstitching but the fabric has a busy print so, it wouldn’t be very visible. Next version will have the seams and the heart pocket at the front. The fabric is already chosen!



Also, because soon they won’t allow any more bows, I added a bow at the back. For the bow, I used a chambray that was also used for the lining, one of the pockets and the straps inside, to make some contrast.



I must say I was a bit apprehensive at first, but the instructions were very helpful and everything went smoothly. Well, that was until the jeans buttons part… for that task I had to require my husband’s help!



My girls always wore dungarees and I love to see how they look wearing them and was (un)patiently waiting for this pattern as the ones they have don’t fit them anymore. I am really pleased with how they turned out and next time I really want to make the trousers. I have the fabric already aside but I want to take my time to make them and not hurry or the result might not be the best!



If you want to get one of Petit a Petit and Family patterns, now it is a good time. You can get them 20% off until the 12th December with the code BLOCKPARTY.

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Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂