Louisa Dresses

I bought this pattern a few time ago, along with the Lotta dress pattern, which was supposed to have been done for summer, but didn’t even made it to the printer, so I thought it was about time to do the Louisa dress from Compagnie M.

I was a bit apprehensive about this dress for a couple of reasons and it was a challenge to me, not because it is difficult, as I found out later, but because it was the first time I made piping and the first time I used piping as well. It was also the first time I installed an invisible zipper. About the piping I must say that despite not being perfect I really love the effect and about the zipper, despite not being completely invisible it turned out better than I thought.

I did the dresses in sizes 4 (grey) and 5 (blue), as told in the instructions and chose the fully lined version since it is cold already, adding only the ruffle in the sleeves to add some colour and of course, because I like ruffles 🙂

For the dresses I chose plain corduroy and for the piping, buttons and sleeve ruffle Liberty fabric (Katie and Millie for both). Part of the fun of making myself the clothes for the girls is to be able to play with it. I always dressed my girls with equal clothes, the same but in different colour or rarely with different but matching, but just because it was hard to find. I think this might change a little now not also because I pretend to do most of the girls clothes, but also because the girls are growing and have different tastes. About the dress I didn’t had doubt, I knew the girls would love it if not for any other reason, it would be for the pocket! And I was right, they loved it! Little lady F said “a pocket in which I can touch with my hand in each other!! I love this, thank you mum!” 🙂 In relation to the fabric colour choice I also had attention with their personal tastes.

Little lady M is a big fan of pink, but I really didn’t wonted to go for pink as the main colour, so I decided to go with grey (which I like a lot, specially for winter) and combine it with some pink and she was happy with that as well.

DSCF2250 (2a)DSCF2260 (2a)

DSCF2262 (3a)

DSCF2268 (2a)

For Little lady F I chose blue for the main colour and the Liberty print with some yellow, her favourite colours.

DSCF2274 (3a)

DSCF2283 (3a)

DSCF2285 (2a)

Oh, the pocket!!

DSCF2292 (3a)

This Sunday we went to the National History Museum (The “Dinosaurs Museum” for the girls), one of the girls favourite places in London and they had the chance to take their new dresses. This, probably, was the first time we went there and didn’t saw the dinosaurs, because they were asking us to go see the volcanos and earthquake and then decided they also wanted to see the “crawling creatures”! They had fun and so did we 😉

IMG_1342 (3a)

IMG_1344 (3a)

IMG_1345 (3a)

IMG_1356 (3a)

IMG_1362 (3a)

IMG_1366 (3a)