Something a little bit different



It has been a while since I last posted here and how much things have changed around here!

Hope you are managing well and that this situation is not having a significant impact in your life.


I have been sewing a little, not much as I am finding it a bit hard to focus and today, I am here to share something a little bit different from my usual projects but, adorable nonetheless.


I have made several of Jilly Atlanta patterns and some of them several times. Jilly Atlanta’s patterns are classic, lovely and my girls really like to wear the clothes I make them using the patterns. This time however, Jilly is releasing a hair bows pattern! The Clara Bows.

There are five different bows in different sizes and can be used as headband, with a hairclip or bobble, to suit all hair styles and ages.


I just couldn’t stop after making one and got a bit carried away. Here are a few bows I have made.

These are bow #3 using gingham cotton to match the pinafore 😊

I used hair bobbles for these.


Made the option #4 using different fabrics, like broderie anglaise and Liberty Tana Lawn. So sweet!

These are all with alligator hairclips except the broderie anglaise ones (I made two). For these I made one with hair bobble and other with hairclip.




For the bow option #5, used swiss cotton dot and adore the vintage look!

This one is also with hairclip.


For a more relaxed look, made the option #7 in chambray and hair bobble.


Finally, made the option #9 using a lightweight linen and used hairclip.


As usual, the pattern includes clear and detailed instructions and even if, like me, this is not your usual project, you can achieve lovely bows to match all those pretty dresses. Also, I think option #4 and 5 works well for grown-ups as well.

This is the perfect project to use scraps or for children to learn sewing. Plus, it is free if you join Jilly Atlanta Facebook Group. 😊 Yes, that is correct, it is free!


Go on, join the group if you haven’t yet and have fun.


Maria x

2018 Last Makes

Half January is already gone so, it’s about time I finish sharing the clothes I made in 2018. These two dresses, I made for the girls to wear on New Year’s Day.

To wear on the first day of the year, M requested a dress with a peter pan collar and although I own a few patterns that could fulfil her request, I was running out of time (you know how busy this time of the year is, right?) and the Maria blouse pattern was sitting right next to me.


Susana from Suco by Susana recently made the Maria Blouse as a dress for her girl and has a tutorial on how to do it on her blog. However, I made it a little different and used the same width as the pattern piece for the skirt. That means, I only added length.

I made a size 8, without any modifications, apart from the obvious one. 


For F, I used the Marlow dress by Jilly Atlanta with the recently released long sleeve extension. I’ve made this dress before and both F and I really like it.


I made a size 8 for length with size 6x for width, with the knee length option. This is a lovely pattern, with its front bodice ruffles. I thought the ruffles might get a bit “lost” in the print, so added lace in contrasting colour and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Also, it matches the socks and hair bows… details, I know, but that is one of the fun parts of making clothes!


The fabric used for both dresses is a viyella, bought in a Portuguese kids’ clothes brand stock off. Thank you to my dear friends who remembered me and got me some wonderful fabric that day 😊


It is now about time I stop with last year’s makes and start with 2019 ones instead.

A Not So New Outfit for F

We are now starting to truly feel the Christmas spirit but, before I close my sewing room door to spend family time, I would like to share a few more things I made.

This outfit was made some time ago but, I’m struggling a little to document my makes… This blouse was one of the first things I made F this Autumn and is such a lovely one.

It’s not because I took part in the design of this pattern that I like it and use it a lot. It’s because it was something, I really missed in my daughters’ handmade wardrobe. The Maria blouse was, once more, the pattern used 😉


I made the blouse version (perfect to wear with a pinafore), with long sleeves and ruffled collar (F’s favourite) in size 9 for height with size 7 for width.


The fabric used is Liberty Tana Lawn Ava from Alice Caroline. I found this print and colour so much prettier than I expected, I must say.



The pinafore is the Ainsley Pinafore by Jilly Atlanta. This pattern has a design a little differently than the usual pinafores, as the waistline is raised and I think it actually looks adorable.


I opted for the lower U neckline, elastic back for extra comfort and button straps, made in size 8 for height and 6x for width. That’s why F likes the clothes I make her so much. The fit is much better!


For the main fabric I used a corduroy that was in my stash for some time and for the lining the same fabric as the blouse. How lovely does it look inside? This is another reason for enjoying sewing so much, the pretty inside!


I made a matching (although completely different) outfit for M that I hope to share in the near future. 😊

A Summer outfit for F

F is in need of some Summer clothes as most of hers from last year don’t fit anymore and therefor, will be used by M. On the other hand, I know that if I have coordinated outfits for the girls, those will get more wear. So, for this Sew Crafty Design Team Project, I used some fabrics that I love and know it will easily coordinate with M’s outfits.


I’ve been wanting to make the Laurel Blouse by Jilly Atlanta for some time now and Sew Crafty has this gorgeous dobby cotton lawn and, as you most likely already know, it’s one of my favourite fabrics.


According to F’s chest measurements, I made a size 6 but added some length as her height fits in a size 7 and the fit is just right.


The fabric is not as light as some dobby cotton I’ve worked with, but still lightweight and nice to work with.


The pattern has the option for lined yoke or finishing with bias and I opted for a lined yoke as I prefer the way it looks. Just realised, looking at the photos, that I need to redo the front yoke lining. It is not laying right and it is bothering me… my fault!


To complete the outfit, I made the Graphite Shorts by Made by Toya using Essex Linen from Robert Kaufman and I do wish I had a pair of shorts like this for myself!


Like the previous ones I’ve made her, these ones are a size 7 without alterations. She really loves these shorts and asked me to make some more. She definitely feels very comfortable wearing them. Can’t blame her!


The fabric is a mixture of linen and cotton, was very good to work with and we’re both very pleased with how it turned out. I honestly find it perfect for summer projects.


I’m sure she will want to wear this outfit a lot! She already asked if she can take it to school in the next non-uniform day. 😊

The Ainsley Pinafore

It’s no news that I like the classic and timeless look of Jilly Atlanta’s patterns and this time is no different. The Ainsley Pinafore was released today and has an adorable vintage look.


This pattern presents four front bodice options, button or tie straps, elasticised or button closure at the back, vintage or knee length hem and optional flutters.


The version I made has low square neckline, straps with buttonholes, button closure at the back, knee length and the impossible to resist ruffles. I must add that these options were F’s choice 😉


The pattern is available from size 2 to 12 years old and for F, I combined size 7 for height with size 6 for width.


I realised recently that F has outgrown most of her clothes, so she needed something to wear now and although I can only think about summer the truth is, we still have a long time to wait… therefore I decided to use this light Liberty corduroy in lovely bright colours.


Next, I want to try the high U neckline with elasticised back. I think it will work wonders on its own during hot summer days!


Now the good part. For 24 hours only (28th March), you can get your pattern for only $5! 😊


Have a wonderful Easter!

Summer Sewing for the girls

Last post I shared a few things I made for myself and now it’s time to share what I’ve made for the girls, before start sharing Autumn makes.

I know that, regarding the girls’ wardrobe, things will get a lot more use around here, if there are matching outfits. That doesn’t mean two pieces of the same, but using the same fabric for a different pattern, or the other way around. As I didn’t have much time left, I thought some skirts would be easy, fast and would get a lot of wear, so I made two skirts for F, matching a couple of M’s dresses.

I used the Jolie skirt by Fille a Maman, that I’ve used before and knew it would be perfect for what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I don’t have good pictures, actually this is the only kind of decent one I got! But I used the same fabrics as M’s pinafore, with the seersucker as main fabric and the broderie anglaise for the waistband. For the other skirt, I used chambray as main and Liberty for the waistband (sorry for the lack of pictures!).


I also wanted to make a skirt for M, to match F’s Marlow dress, so I used the same pique fabric to make a Sadie skirt, a pattern by Jilly Atlanta. I’ve used this pattern so many times already!


Now, what I really enjoyed making and especially see the girls wearing, was the Macy pinafore, also by Jilly Atlanta. This time I opted for the pinafore version with flutters.


The fabric I used is a chambray from Merchants and Mills that looks good with almost everything and is great for transition weather paired with a cardi.


No need to say that the part I liked the most are the flutters, right? Don’t they look adorable?)


These got a lot of wear this summer!


I know you’re used to seeing two of my makes, one for each twin, but this time I made something slightly different. I made three of the same garment! I made one pinafore for each of my girls and a matching one for my niece. They looked so adorable matching!


Now I’ve finished sharing summer clothes 😉 Have a wonderful autumn!

The Penny Blouse

The Penny Blouse is Jilly Atlanta’s new pattern. Released today, like all Jilly Atlanta’s patterns, I’ve made so far does not disappoint.


The Penny is an adorable blouse that goes from sizes 6 months to 12 years, with two back options, three collar options, fluttered sleeves or sleeveless. It is a fitted blouse, so that it can be used with the Macy pinafore, with a romper or on its own.


As usual in Jilly Atlanta’s patterns, the instructions are very helpful and the inside finishing is very neat! The instructions recommend French seams and the collar and armhole are finished with bias binding, so the serger wasn’t even needed.


The option I’ve made has gathered collar and fluttered sleeves, both favourites of mine. I made size 7 for height with size 5 for width and I am so pleased with the fit. Trust me when I tell you that Jill made sure the fit was the best possible.


The fabrics I used are a very light cotton swiss dot in light pink and Liberty Tana Lawn for the collar and bias. I can guarantee you that the blouse looks as beautiful inside as it looks outside 😉


In the first stage of testing I made a blouse using the same fabrics, but in different colours and although the fit was changed after, M will wear this one for sure.


For today only (29th July), you can get the Penny Blouse for $5 only! 😊


The Marlow dress

The Marlow dress is JillyAtlanta’s new pattern. It is a classic, yet with a relaxed fit perfect for every little girl to play around in style but, comfortable!


The pattern is available in sizes 12 months to 10 years with two skirt length, two bodice, two sleeve and ruffles options along with a removable pocket.


For F, I made size 7 with vintage length with size 5 for width, short sleeve with ruffles and “V” bodice with ruffles. I love this option for “not so little girls anymore”!

Instead of using fabric to make the front ruffle, as per the instructions, I used a Broderie Anglaise trim. I used the trim with the same width of the pattern piece except the seam allowance, because I didn’t need to hem. This option is great to use lace, trims, piping or colour blocking!


Once again, all the pattern pieces matched perfectly and the instructions are clear and packed with useful tips. Also, the instructions use French seams (love it!) and in the “V” bodice, the seams are enclosed making this dress beautiful inside as well as outside! It is an easy sew and great for a beginner.


The fabric used is a cotton pique in a beautiful colour that I bought almost two years ago, in a traditional fabric shop in Coimbra, Portugal. I remember it was the end of bolt but I need to go there next summer and see if they received some more.


For today only, March 14th, it will be available for only $5!

Hope you’re having a great week! 😊

The Macy Suspender Skirt

First post of 2017! It’s not too late to wish a Happy New Year, is it? Wish you a wonderful 2017! 🙂

Although, I have already made a couple more things, this was my first make of the year and I really love it. I think it’s a good start.

The pattern is the Macy Pinafore and Skirt from Jilly Atlanta, that I had the pleasure to test. It’s a lovely pattern for ages 12 months to 12 years, with options for a pinafore or suspender skirt, with two lengths.




According to F’s measurements, I made the suspenders version skirt in size 7 for height and 4 at the waist and the fit was good so, no need to make any changes.




Because I like to see the skirts, on my girls, more on the short side, I opted for the vintage length and I think it looks really well with knee socks. The pattern also includes optional flutters in the straps and a bow at the back. I asked F which options she wanted, she chose the bow and I’m glad she did, it looks adorable!




The recommended fabrics are light ones, such as cotton, seersucker, lightweight linen… but despite the recommendations I used a lightweight corduroy that also worked well, even with French seams, and I really love the colour. I had this fabric in my stash for almost two years it was about time I turned it into something pretty! For the bow, covered buttons and inside of the elastic casing (not visible) I used the same Liberty used in the blouse. Love how these two fabrics look together.




In regards to the pattern, all the pieces matched, the instructions are clear and I did not had any issues while making it. It all come together easily and fast. I see more Macy skirts in my daughters’ wardrobe! 🙂

Have a wonderful week! 🙂

It’s almost Christmas!

This is my third project as part of the Sew Crafty Design Team and as Christmas is so close, I’ve decided to make something that could be used not only this time of year but, also in any other period, together or as separated pieces.



M is now much into skirts. She keeps asking me to make them to her. So, I made a skirt and a blouse adding just a removable velvet bow to add some festive look. The bow I reused from the Christmas dresses I made two years ago. It’s kind of like in Lavoisier’s Law! 😉



So, let’s start with the blouse. The blouse pattern is the Odette, by Citronille, a pattern that I have used before and really like. How could I resist that peter pan collar! The blouse is quite simple to make but, the result is so nice.



I made a size 6, without modifications and used a white swiss dot fabric. If you have been following me for some time, you must know how I like this fabric. This fabric is perfect for blouses!



For the skirt, I used a free pattern, the Sadie skirt from Jilly Atlanta. I made this skirt before (although I did not blog about it) and I knew M liked it and so did I. How cute is the paper bag effect? I made a simple version of the pattern, that also include front pockets and sash carriers to use with a sash.


I made a size 6, with a length between the vintage version and the normal one and used a lovely fine corduroy. I really like this colour!


I think this is an outfit that is good to be used during this festive period, but also during the rest of the year.

Humm, I think there might be some Christmas presents hidden up here…


Have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂