When I first saw the new sewing series hosted by Sewpony and StraightGrain it seemed great and I was very curious to see what would be created, not only because I love Anita (aka Martine/Tiny/Debbie) books but also because participating there were some bloggers that I follow and like particularly.

Then it was announced the sew along! My first reaction was I would love to, but then I thought that maybe I shouldn’t once I’m newbie both to sewing and blogging… Well, but this is Anita and those books are part of my childhood and I have very good memories of them, so I decided to give it a try and here are my two Anita inspired outfits.

DSCF2043 (2b)

I didn’t reproduce an outfit, but instead I made them inspired in a couple of them from the books.

Anita Collage

I wanted them to be worn during the cold weather that is already settling, so I decided to make a blouse and a pinafore dress.

DSCF1986 (2a)

DSCF1997 (2a)

DSCF2003 (2a)

The girls enjoyed their clothes very much and were very happy with them. They both like the books very much and despite only having a couple of them, here in UK, during this summer holidays they have been “reading” my books at my parents’ house.

DSCF2007 (2a)

DSCF2010 (2a)

DSCF2032 (2a)

DSCF2038 (2a)

DSCF2041 (2a)

The blouse is the same for both the girls, using the pattern Odette from Citronille and was alredy in my to do list. Made size 4 and 6 and used a white cotton with white dots bought at Portugal.

For the pinafore dresses I used the pattern “Robe Trapeze” from the book “Intemporels pour enfants” without the ruffle at the bottom and different embellishments added, once again in size 4 (red with a little bow for little lady M) and size 6 (jade green with lace for little lady F). The fabric used in both dresses is a corduroy bought here. I must say that not only the girls were pleased but so was I (just my opinion!). This is the kind of style I like to see my girls with!

Although this is not similar to the dress used by Anita in the book where she went to the circus, there is exactly where we went. So if you excuse us, off we go 🙂

DSCF2046 (2b) DSCF2047 (2b) DSCF2050 (2a) DSCF2054 (2a) DSCF2056 (2b) DSCF2057 (2a)

Good night, sleep tight

This was a really necessary garment for the girls. All their pyjamas were turning into capris and ¾ sleeves!! So, they urgently needed new sleepwear and a couple more are in the “to do” list.

This fabric was bought in Portugal during the summer holidays and I loved it as soon as I saw it. I was with my mother in law and she also liked it and bought it telling me that it was for nightgowns for the girls and here it is!

DSCF1929 (2)

DSCF1931 (2)

DSCF1936 (2)

It was quite simple to do but I like the way it turned out. I took the pattern from the book “Intemporels pour enfants”, but omitted the ruffle at the bottom, instead I added 2 in and lace. I did size 4 for little lady M and size 6 for little lady F.

She can’t help it!! Photos mean ballet!

DSCF1942 (3)

DSCF1943 (2)

They really loved their new nightgown, they said it’s very cosy and already requested some more 🙂