Paulette Blouse

Hello hope you are all well.

The last couple of months I have been quite busy but not so much with sewing. I have so many ideas I want to bring to life but just haven’t been able to.

Nonetheless, I have a recently made blouse to share with you. I used a Robert Kaufman Rayon Challis from Minerva to make the Fibre Mood Paulette blouse and what can I say? It has ruffles and I quite like it!

You can read all about it here.

Did I mention it has ruffles?

Hope you like it!

Happy sewing,

Maria x

Fibre Mood Minnie Sweatshirt

Hope you are all well.

Spring seems to be here, finally, although still a bit shy. I have so many sewing plans for this Spring /Summer but, as usual, I am finding it difficult to bring them to life…

It has been in fact a few weeks since I last was able to sew something but, I have a sweater I made for the girls, that I would like to share.

I am not a subscriber of the Fibre Mood magazine and in fact this was the first time I bought one. I have made, last year, a Norma Blouse but got the individual pattern. Nonetheless, issue number 13 had quite a few patterns that I really enjoyed and, for that reason, I bought it. I believe it was good value for money.

The first thing I made was the Minnie Sweater and opposed to the PDF pattern, the magazine ones need seam allowances added. Not really an issue for me, just need to have that in mind when tracing. In the pattern instructions it mentions where the seam allowances need to be added.

According to the size chart, I made a size 12 for both girls, based on their chest measurements. Fit wise, it turned out well and I made no changes.

The instructions are clear but are only images, no text. To be honest, it really is not needed as the images are quite clear and it is a simple make. It has been quite a while since I last made something in knit and I almost forgot how such a quick make it is.

I did not make changes to the size but I did a very small change (despite different) to both sweaters. For M (not shown in the photos), as per her request, I just omitted the waistband. She likes to wear paper bag trousers and it just works better this way.

For F, as per her request, I kept the waistband but not the original one. The pattern one seems to be a bit too narrow in width and F doesn’t like tight clothes. For that reason, I made a new one and just took a couple of centimetres to the bodice width. We both like how it looks and most of all, it is comfortable.

The sleeves are really cute!

Regarding the fabric, I used a gorgeous and soft French Terry from See You at Six Fabrics that I won in a giveaway last summer. Lucky me, I know! In fact, lucky them as they are the ones wearing it. 😊 The fabric worked really well for this project, even with the gathering required for the sleeves.

For the cuffs, neckline and waistband, I used matching ribbing, also from See You at Six Fabrics. It really adds a lovely detail.

No need to tell you that our favourite part of this sweater are the sleeves! In fact, there is a very similar pattern for grownups in this same issue…

Overall, we are happy with this pattern and how it turned out with this fabric.

At the moment, I just started making another pattern from this issue so do expect to see more from it in here.

Have a lovely week and thank you for reading!

Maria x

Norma Blouse



I guess the warm weather is really having a good effect on me as my sewing plans are turning to life!

Today I am sharing a blouse recently released by Fibre Mood in their Edition 9. I don’t believe it is necessary to tell you what attracted me in this pattern, right? Just look at those sleeves!


The pattern itself doesn’t bring any more options however, it is easily adjustable and I have seen some modifications that included turning it into a dress so, it is a good starting point.


The instructions mention the pattern is available from size 4 up to 30 however, when printing, the sizes are 32 up to 58. I supposed that being a size 6 by the instructions, I would be a size 34 and that is the size I printed and made. Also, it is possible to print with layers and we can print with or without the seam allowances.


As previously mentioned, I made a size 34 (or 6) without any changes. I am happy with the fit however I noticed the blouse has no bust darts so, I am not sure how the fit will be for bigger sizes. Nonetheless, all the versions I have seen are lovely.


Regarding the fabric, I used a dobby white cotton or plumeti if you prefer. It is a light weight fabric and in my opinion, it worked pretty well. I got the fabric fromRatucos quite a few time ago, but they usually have a lovely selection of this fabric.


I made this blouse with the intention of using it with high waist jeans and for that, it has the right length however, depending on what it will be used with, I might add a couple of centimetres in future ones I make.


Overall, it is a lovely pattern and I will use this blouse a lot, of that I am sure.


Hope you are having a nice week.


Maria x