The Madrid Dress Tour

Today is my turn to share my version of the Madrid Dress! The Tour started last Monday, 17th June and goes until Friday, 28th. There have been some lovely versions and I am sure there will be plenty more and loads of inspiration. So, please, make sure you check it on IG, it is really worth it!

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The Madrid Dress is Coffee and Thread’s latest pattern and is a Bohemian inspired faux wrap dress, packed with options that will make it wearable throughout the year, as a dress or a tunic.


The pattern is available from sizes 2 to 20 and based on my chest and waist measurements I made a size 2. Now, my hips measurements place me between size 2 and 4 but, as it isn’t a fitted dress in this area, I did not make any changes and went with a straight size 2.


Contrary to my usual self, I did some changes to the original pattern. First, I made it sleeveless. I have omitted the sleeves and finished with bias binding. I did consider lining the bodice but, because it is a faux wrap it wouldn’t work as I intended and abandoned the idea. I did make a toile but at the time it didn’t seemed necessary to take a bit at the shoulder although now I think it would have been better… Next time I know!


The second change I made was not exactly a change, I just added a ruffle to the neckline and I absolutely love it. 😊 The dress is lovely as it is but, I’ve seen a few ready to wear garments with that kind of ruffle and really wanted to make it.


I did not make any changes to the skirt and went for a midi length. I must thank Olga for mentioning in the instructions, that this pattern was drafted for women 160-172 centimetres height. Not my case, I am smaller, but in this case, decided not change anything to start with and see how it looked. Because the second tier is a rectangle, if it was necessary, I would take some length at the end. I ended up liking how it looked and not changing anything.


There is also an optional tie, that I made as I couldn’t resist a bow. I already have another version planned (just waiting for the fabric to arrive) and that one will not have the tie but, I am considering taking a couple of centimetres at the waist to make it a bit more fitted.


The fabric I used is Liberty Tana Lawn Edenham from Alice Caroline. I do adore this print and think it worked really well for this dress. Now we just need proper summer weather in the UK for me to wear it. Honestly, my boots are out again and the heating is on… I do need some sun!


I do have happy news for you! Olga offering 25% off any of her patterns during the tour, with code “madridtour” 😊 If you’re wanting to try one (or several) of her patterns, now it is a good time to get it. I’ve made quite a few of her patterns and totally recommend.

The Lana Pattern Tour

In case you’ve missed it, the Lana Pattern Tour started yesterday with some lovely versions and today is my turn to share what I’ve made.

I bought the ladies version when it was released. I’ve made it back then and wear it so much, that when Emi and Olga contacted me to know if I wanted to take part in the tour, I immediately said yes.


M “needed” a new tee for the school disco, so I asked her how she felt about the newly released girls’ version and she willingly said yes!


The pattern is available from size 12 months to 14 years old and has two dress options besides the tee. I made a size 7 for M without any changes and she absolutely loved it. In fact, I got the best compliment from her. She said that when this one doesn’t fit anymore, she wants another one just the same.


The fabric is a cotton jersey in a lovely pink shade from The Sweet Mercerie, that I got before the Summer holidays and was intended to become a Lana tee for myself, but didn’t got the chance to actually make it… until now.


I’m glad that, at the time, I bought some extra fabric, because I managed to also make one tee for myself. Now we can go out twinning 😉 Not sure that will actually happen but we like the fact that we can if we want to and despite the cold, we had fun taking photos.


Do you know that Olga just added long sleeves to the pattern? How great is that? You can use your Lana all year long! I managed to make a long sleeve version for F in time to enjoy these beautiful Autumn days.


For the dress, I’ve used a Liberty jersey bought over a year ago for her, at Fabrics Galore.  Of course, she loved it because: 1 it has ruffles; 2 is super comfortable… 3 it has her favourite colour.


I made a straight size 8, but the hem is only ½ inch instead of 1 inch in the hope that will still fit next Spring.


So, the Lana really is a lovely pattern, well drafted, with great fit and as you will realise during this tour, so versatile. Honestly, do follow along the Tour as it will be very inspiring. If you would like to get the pattern, now it is a great time, as it is 20% off (excluding bundle) with code ‘lanatour’.


Thank you so much Olga and Emi for having me on the Tour! 😊

The Coffee and Thread Tour

The Coffee and Thread blog tour 2017 started yesterday and I am really happy to be part of it. I tested a few of Olga’s patterns and I know how much effort and care she puts in each pattern, so it is an honour to be part of this tour and when Emi asked me if I wanted to take part I didn’t had to think much. Thank you for inviting me! 🙂


Although I love and have made all the dresses, for this tour I decided, along with the girls, to try the Ania tunic as I know that better weather means more outside play and the girls like to look pretty but comfortable, so I know it will get a lot of wearing. Also, it was a pattern I hadn’t tried before!


I made the tunics in the same size, although the girls do have a difference in height. I made size 7 for height with size 5 for length and I am very happy with the fit. It is fitted where it should but with room to play freely.


As usual, Olga was careful to make this tunic pretty inside and out. This is actually one of things I like in Olga’s patterns, she is also careful with good finishing and beautiful insides.


I wanted the girls to match, without looking the same, so I used different fabrics. For F, I used a Liberty Lawn in a colourful print, that I think looks great for summer and matches perfectly with white, navy and denim shorts or jeans, which are the colours she wears the most.


For M I used a white broderie anglaise that I had in my stash for some time and have used before. I know white is not the wisest choice for kids, but I love to see them in white and matches well with almost any colour. I used F’s fabric for the button loop and in the hair bows (I didn’t made them) to make sure they were matching. 😉


Taking these photos was no easy task, as they were particularly “inspired” that day and did not made my life easy. I love how they look in their new tunics! 😊


And because it is party time Olga is offering 20% off her patterns with the code “Coffeeandthreadtour” and there is also an awesome giveaway going on.

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Last but not least, have you seen the line up? Amazing talented ladies, right? Don’t forget to check what they’ve made! 😊

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With Love By Eva 

The Polina Dress

Olga, from Coffee and Thread today released a new pattern, the adorable Polina dress! I must say that it quickly become a favourite for M.


By now, you already know why it is a favourite. It has a great twirling factor! Besides the twirling factor it has two frills options as well as two ties options. If twirling is not a requirement there is also a gathered option for the skirt. 😉


The pattern is available from size 12 months to 12 years and for M, I made size 7 for height with size 5 for width. She is between sizes 6 and 7 for height but I went with size 7 because we still have to wait a few months before she will be able to wear it.


This is my tester version and since then improvements were made. I can assure you that Olga worked really hard to make the best pattern possible.


The version I’ve made is B view, with the circle frills and the circle skirt. The fabric used is an “Oxford” from The Sweet Mercerie and for the frills I used a light swiss dot fabric.


You can get the pattern on sale, until March 21st and I suggest you join the Coffee and Thread Facebook Group, if you haven’t already joined, so that way you can get an extra 10% off.

Have a wonderful week! 😊


The Ila dress

Last Monday, Olga from Coffee and Thread, released another lovely pattern, the Ila dress!

I’ve tested for Olga a couple of times before and really liked her patterns, all the dresses I’ve made from her patterns were well wore and loved. This time is no different, Olga did put a great amount of effort to bring you the best pattern.



The Ila is an A-line dress with two sleeve options, short or long, available from sizes 18 months to 12 years. The shaped yoke, front panel and in-seam pockets makes it perfect to play with different fabrics, colour blocking and use different trims or piping. Plenty of opportunities to achieve different looks!


I made the dress for F in size 7 and although I should have adjusted to her chest measurements, I have made it without modifications, just because I want M to wear it when it doesn’t fit her anymore and their chest measurements are a bit different. The dress is meant to be lined but I only made the yoke lined and it closes at the back with an invisible zipper.


The fabric I used is a viyella bought here over a year ago! Because I wanted to give it a Christmassy look, but not too much, so that it could be used during other periods, I used a plaid fabric for the pockets and yoke facing (not visible from the outside) and a burgundy ribbon to the broderie anglaise trim. 😉


I love how the dress turned out and all the possibilities to add cute details! F loved her new dress too, I can assure you! 🙂


You can get the pattern from UpCraft Club or from Coffee and Thread. This pattern is great for a Christmas dress… or any other time of the year, really!

Have a lovely weekend and hope your Christmas preparations are better than mine! I am so behind…

The Eleena Dress Pattern Tour

The Eleena dress pattern from Coffee and Thread was released a month ago and I was lucky enough to be one of the testers. At the time I made a short sleeve with collar version that you can see here, but the dress has three sleeve’s options and it can be made with or without collar, so the tour was the perfect excuse (not that I needed one!) to try a different version.

Although, I was very tempted to make a version with flutter sleeves, I decided to make a dress that could be worn already and during spring. Maybe for Easter?




A few days ago I asked my girls what they wanted me to make for them to wear and unexpectedly M said she wanted shorts and tunics and F said dresses!! This was a bit of a surprise as it used to be the other way around! Where did my dresses, skirts and all the pinks lover daughter went? It is funny but sometimes my daughters seem to change personalities with each other, it happened before with other aspects of their personality! So a dress for F it was. 😉








Another thing I did with F was let her go thru my Pinterest board for kids clothes and ask her what she liked the most. I had another surprise when she started to point the more classic dresses. This might change next week, so let me enjoy while it lasts. 😉


This time, I didn’t made the collar, instead I used lace small enough not to cause any itchy but, still a nice detail. The only thing I changed in the pattern were the sleeves. Not that I don’t like the ones that come with the pattern, but I wanted something to be used now and during spring and while looking at some vintage patterns for another project, some had this kind of sleeve and I thought it would go well with the 60’s look of the Eleena. I personally like how it turned out, but I know I am partial. 😉




For F I made the same size as I had already made for M and I knew it would be above the knee, but I like it this way and I know that when it doesn’t fit her any more, M will wear it (or I hope so!) so I really don’t mind being already a bit short.




The fabric is a Liberty Kingly Cord from here, that I’ve used before and love the print and colours, just perfect for Spring!

Most important of all, F loved the dress and that is more than enough for me. 🙂




Now, the good news! The pattern will be on sale through March 7th and Olga is also running a giveaway – two patterns of choice and one yard of Sara Jane fabric. Couldn’t ask for better, right?


This tour is packed with talent, so please go check what everyone else is making because I’ve seen beautiful dresses already!


The Eleena Dress

It has been a long time since I last posted in the blog, but that doesn’t mean that things have been quiet around here, quite the opposite! One of the things I have been doing was testing the Eleena dress, which was released today.

The Eleena Dress is a pattern designed by Olga from Coffee and Thread with a lovely 60’s style that with the different options available and using different fabrics and combinations, you can get several looks.




The pattern is available from size 2 to 12 years, with or without the collar and three different sleeves. The options I tested were short sleeve with collar in size 5.



It might appear that the dress is large in the chest and it is, but that is just because M’s chest measurements are a few sizes down, it is not the pattern’s fault 😉



The fabric I used was a piquet from here that I love and think it worked wonderfully for the dress but for the collar I think I should have used a lighter fabric, in order to avoid some bulkiness.


This is a test version so, after, there were some improvements, which gives me an excuse to make another one 😉

I honestly love the style of this dress and its versatility. You can have different dresses for all seasons just changing the fabric and works perfectly on its own or layered. Now the best part is, you can get the patterns in sale until Friday!! 😉

Have a lovely week 🙂