It’s almost Christmas!

This is my third project as part of the Sew Crafty Design Team and as Christmas is so close, I’ve decided to make something that could be used not only this time of year but, also in any other period, together or as separated pieces.



M is now much into skirts. She keeps asking me to make them to her. So, I made a skirt and a blouse adding just a removable velvet bow to add some festive look. The bow I reused from the Christmas dresses I made two years ago. It’s kind of like in Lavoisier’s Law! 😉



So, let’s start with the blouse. The blouse pattern is the Odette, by Citronille, a pattern that I have used before and really like. How could I resist that peter pan collar! The blouse is quite simple to make but, the result is so nice.



I made a size 6, without modifications and used a white swiss dot fabric. If you have been following me for some time, you must know how I like this fabric. This fabric is perfect for blouses!



For the skirt, I used a free pattern, the Sadie skirt from Jilly Atlanta. I made this skirt before (although I did not blog about it) and I knew M liked it and so did I. How cute is the paper bag effect? I made a simple version of the pattern, that also include front pockets and sash carriers to use with a sash.


I made a size 6, with a length between the vintage version and the normal one and used a lovely fine corduroy. I really like this colour!


I think this is an outfit that is good to be used during this festive period, but also during the rest of the year.

Humm, I think there might be some Christmas presents hidden up here…


Have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂


One more top for F!

By now my girls are more in need of Summer shorts, but I just couldn’t resist making another top for F! I confess I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it, but I resisted for a while. This pattern was exactly the style I like to dress my girls with but I thought that maybe I could adjust another pattern and have a similar result… After some time, I realised I would never adjust anything and I should just get the pattern and make it. So here it is! The pattern is the Myrantine by Citronille.




A couple of years ago I bought a RTW top for them that I loved and they looked so well in it. The top was identical to this pattern but it had ruffle sleeves and a bow at the back and I was looking for something in the same style. I am so glad I found it!




As you can see, instead of the ruffle sleeves I opted for a short sleeve and I did not add the bow. By now the girls prefer simple clothes, without bows or other kind of embellishment. 😦 I know, they are growing up and I knew this would happen one day. 😉



I made a size 6 but I think I should have adjusted to a size 4 in width, as F is growing in height but not so much in width! The only modification I’ve made to the pattern was turning the long sleeves (only option) in short sleeves and add an elastic and I am very pleased with how it turned out. This way the pattern can be used all year round!



The fabric is a dobby dot cotton lawn from here. This is one of my favourite fabrics for Summer, so light! For the bias I used a bit of Liberty. It is a good way to use every scarp and I think it looks cute even though you can’t really see it.



I still have a few more tops to make to the girls (so many plans!) but I think I will make them some shorts next! 😉

Have a lovely week! 🙂

Marie, a new dress for F!

After F’s dresses request for this summer, I decided to make her a dress that was one of the first patterns I tried, from when I first stated sewing.

The pattern is the “Marie” from Citronille and despite being an easy pattern there is something about it that I love. Like I mentioned before, it was one of the patterns I firstly made and although it was not perfect I really liked it and got a few compliments.





For F, I made a size 6 without adjustments and I am pleased with the fit. It is a bit loose but that makes it perfect to move around, especially during hot days.



One of the things I remembered from the first ones I made was that the sleeves’ seams were a bit visible, so this time I made French seams not only at the sides but also at the sleeves. Much better now! 🙂



Although I did not changed anything in the pattern, the instructions say to make a thread loop to close at the back with a button, but I also remember well how many times the girls broke it and for that reason I decided to use a grosgrain ribbon in a contrasting colour. Okay, I am not going to lie… I also think it looks cute.



The fabric used is an Eloise Liberty Tana Lawn from here, that I’ve already used to make a tunic for M, but in a different colour. This way, they will be matching without looking the same. I am getting better with not having to match all the time but still, I like to see them wearing clothes that when I look they match in some way.


I believe this is a perfect dress for summer! Loose fit but elegant and feminine.

The “Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants” Book Review

The Citronille patterns were one of the first patterns I used when I started sewing for my girls. I think the first pattern I ever used was the Marie. Since then, I made a few more including one for myself and although the instructions were not easy to follow as a newbie, the patterns are good and the classic style makes the effort totally worth it 🙂

A few weeks ago I bought my third book from Astrid Le Provost, the “Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants” and so did Ana Sofia. When we shared the book on IG we got a few comments that showed interest and curiosity about the book. So, when Ana Sofia suggested a book review I loved the idea! Who else would be better to make a book review on a Citronille book then her, the person that introduced me their patterns and which I admire so much? 🙂

So today we are sharing what we made from the book so far and showing other patterns that can also be found in the book.


The first pattern I tried was the “robe taille basse” in size 6 for F. I didn’t made any changes to the pattern or instructions, but next time I will. My girls are, usually, a couple of sizes down in chest measurements and usually I don’t make changes, but in this case I think it would be better to adjust the width, also in the pattern there is an opening in the back skirt to make the dress/undress easier but that I will not make it next time because I think it is not necessary, at least for my girls.


The fabric I used is a Robert Kaufman, House of Wales Plaids, from here, that I really like but unfortunately was not approved by the recipient of the dress, which was completely new to me as until now she always wore everything I bought or made for her. I suppose it is part of the growing up process!? The good thing is she already used it, so it may not be completely out 😉



This the kind of dress that I always have in their wardrobe, so I believe I will be doing it again, but next time with the adjustments already mentioned and to be honest I really like to see her wearing this dress 🙂



In the colder months the girls wear a lot jeans to go out as it is too cold for dresses, so I need some more blouses and tunics for them and therefore I choose to make “La blouse raglan a petit col”. Again, I made a size 6 for both girls without any change to the pattern or instructions and I won’t change anything next time I make one as it is an easy and fast shirt to make with a neat finishing inside, it is comfortable to wear and the collar is really cute!



The fabric I used is a viyella from here, which I bought during summer while in Portugal and I really like the floral print. Although the recommended fabric for this blouse is poplin and I think the drape is better, I wanted something warmer and I believe it drapes good as well.






I also made the girls “Le beguin de lutin” in size 8, because I found it so cute and hats are almost mandatory around here. I used a navy blue corduroy to match the coat and Liberty on the inside and straps. They look quite cute and wanted to wear it even though it was not that cold!




Besides these patterns and the really cute ones that Ana Sofia made, the book have patterns for both girls and boys as well as accessories, toys and bags for an age range from 2 until 10 years old, which is great!

These are some of my favourites and I will definitely make a few. Ana Sofia made a couple from these and they are really cute.



Some of the boys’ patterns are quite cute as well!



Some more for girls 😉


To have sweet dreams


Some bags and a sweet Teddy that make great Christmas presents!


Summing up, the book have great clothes patterns for boys and girls in a wider age range than the previous book, includes some nightwear as well as a toy and decorative pillows, accessories and bags and although the instructions are not very detailed, as usual in Citronille patterns, I did not had any trouble following them and never felt “lost” even with my French being a bit rusty. The clothes patterns are classic and easy to give it a personal touch which make it, in my opinion a great addition to any sewing library.

If you haven’t already, go and see what Ana Sofia made for her girl. I guarantee it is really pretty, as usual 😉

Have a great weekend 🙂

Baby Shower

This is a post different than usual, a very sweet post <3. Patrícia from the blog “Pequeno Mundo a 3” (you already know her, right? 😉 ) is soon due to become mum for the second time 🙂 She is already Miss Caracolinhos’ mum and is expecting another little girl in a few days, so her little world is going to grow a bit more.

Although I don’t know Patrícia personally (yet) I can tell you that she is a very sweet, kind and funny person, so when the idea of a Baby Shower came up I immediately said YES!! She deserves it and the arrival of a new baby is always a good reason to celebrate 🙂

Not being able to make a traditional Baby Shower, the idea was to virtually reunite a group of bloggers and make the “party”. Like in any conventional Baby Shower the baby gets presents, so this is my welcome present for Baby S. ❤


This was my first time sewing something for a baby and loved it. I must say that was made with plenty of care, love and hope Patrícia will like it.

For Baby S. I made a two matching pieces, a top with a ruffle collar and bloomers. Both patterns are from the book “Intemporel Pour Bébés” and I must say that I love the way they look. The fabric used for the top is Clip Dot Petal cotton lawn from Michael Miller that I already had for some time and that seemed perfect for a baby because it is so soft. For the ruffle I used a Liberty (Katie and Millie) already used before and that matched beautifully (my own opinion of course 😉 ). Both pieces are 3 month size, so hopefully Baby S. will be able to wear it during Summer.





When a new baby is born and already have a big brother or sister, I usually also give them a present and this time is no exception, so I made a tunic for Miss Caracolinhos to match her baby sister (I know, I have a huge tendency for matching siblings clothes, twins or not, just can’t help it!). For big sister I used the same fabric combo and the pattern is Marie by Citronille in size 4 (hope not too big…).




I love this tunic/dress and think it’s perfect for summer. The only change I made to the pattern was the way it closes in the back and instead of a button and a thread loop I extended the bias tape to make a bow. Last summer I made a dress version for my girls and the thread loop kept breaking so I thought this would work better and once again, in my opinion, look better.



So these are my baby shower gifts for Patrícia’s little girls 🙂 Hope she will like them and get them soon, with no stops in Japan 😉




Now I strongly advise you to go visit the other blogs who joined the party. There is a huge amount of cuteness I assure you 😉

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A new tunic!

It might seem a little early to talk about Christmas, but school holidays will start in 4 weeks and the girls don’t have much blouses/tunics in their closet and they will need them by then. In school they wear uniform and during weekends, t-shirts with a cardigan were doing just fine, but it’s getting even colder and I need to dress them for two weeks with regular closes, so tunics and blouses are much needed now.

I made them an Agnès tunic from Citronille. For me the advantage of this pattern, besides being really cute, is that can be easily layered and it’s possible to smock or not.

I made both tunics in size 6 in a light blue cotton lawn. I made them as told in the instructions, but in one of them I added about 1 inch to the front. That is the advantage of doing two of the same (when I don’t cut all the fabric in the first place, like sometimes I do). I was not sure about the smock because I had never done it before, but the fabric was so simple that it really needed something else or I needed a good excuse to try it! The smock is all done in the reverse and this way of doing it has been taught me by a very gifted lady during my holidays. It has a very simple look and doesn’t add any colour but I like the effect it gives to the tunic.

DSCF2378 (2a)

DSCF2381 (2a)


When I showed it to Little lady M, even before looking at the tunic properly, she asked “are you going to make me a pink one?” and of course, I thought she wouldn’t like it. I was wrong! When she gave it a better look she said it was so beautiful. She loved it and even said she loved everything I do for her, the clothes, the cakes and biscuits, but not the carrot cake ahahaha. As for Little lady F once it is blue it is ok and she also liked it 🙂

Here they are enjoying the new tunic and I am already thinking that I need to make some more 😉

 DSCF2390 (2a)

DSCF2394 (2a)

DSCF2422 (2a)

DSCF2439 (2a)

DSCF2438 (3a)

They love making hearts for photos and sometimes they make some really funny ones.

DSCF2434 (3a)

DSCF2412 (3a)

DSCF2472 (3a)

DSCF2482 (3a)

DSCF2490 (3a)

DSCF2488 (3a)

Have a great week!!


When I first saw the new sewing series hosted by Sewpony and StraightGrain it seemed great and I was very curious to see what would be created, not only because I love Anita (aka Martine/Tiny/Debbie) books but also because participating there were some bloggers that I follow and like particularly.

Then it was announced the sew along! My first reaction was I would love to, but then I thought that maybe I shouldn’t once I’m newbie both to sewing and blogging… Well, but this is Anita and those books are part of my childhood and I have very good memories of them, so I decided to give it a try and here are my two Anita inspired outfits.

DSCF2043 (2b)

I didn’t reproduce an outfit, but instead I made them inspired in a couple of them from the books.

Anita Collage

I wanted them to be worn during the cold weather that is already settling, so I decided to make a blouse and a pinafore dress.

DSCF1986 (2a)

DSCF1997 (2a)

DSCF2003 (2a)

The girls enjoyed their clothes very much and were very happy with them. They both like the books very much and despite only having a couple of them, here in UK, during this summer holidays they have been “reading” my books at my parents’ house.

DSCF2007 (2a)

DSCF2010 (2a)

DSCF2032 (2a)

DSCF2038 (2a)

DSCF2041 (2a)

The blouse is the same for both the girls, using the pattern Odette from Citronille and was alredy in my to do list. Made size 4 and 6 and used a white cotton with white dots bought at Portugal.

For the pinafore dresses I used the pattern “Robe Trapeze” from the book “Intemporels pour enfants” without the ruffle at the bottom and different embellishments added, once again in size 4 (red with a little bow for little lady M) and size 6 (jade green with lace for little lady F). The fabric used in both dresses is a corduroy bought here. I must say that not only the girls were pleased but so was I (just my opinion!). This is the kind of style I like to see my girls with!

Although this is not similar to the dress used by Anita in the book where she went to the circus, there is exactly where we went. So if you excuse us, off we go 🙂

DSCF2046 (2b) DSCF2047 (2b) DSCF2050 (2a) DSCF2054 (2a) DSCF2056 (2b) DSCF2057 (2a)