A New Summer Outfit

This outfit is one of those that make me smile while wearing it. I’ve been wanting to make the skirt for a long time and in fact, both the pattern and fabric have been waiting for quite some time in my stash. The blouse pattern was a more recent purchase but, I’ve been keeping an eye for a pattern in this style for some time and in my opinion the patterns are a good match.

Starting with the blouse. I used a Butterick vintage pattern, 5580, that unfortunately does not mention the year it was released, although my guess is around the 50’s, both because of the style and for not being printed. Well, the instructions are printed but the pattern pieces are already cut and have different sizes perforations and notches to guide. It took me a bit to get used to it.

As usual in vintage patterns, this one only had one size available, size 14, 32” bust and that’s exactly what I made. I choose option A, without changes at all.


The instructions suggest to cut the fabric in bias and that is what I have done. As it is a quite fitted blouse it helps the way it is cut. The way it fits is one of the things that made me choose this pattern and to achieve the fit it also has 10 darts. Two diagonals in the chest area and the remaining 8 at the waist, 4 in the front and 4 in the back.



The waist darts are a little unusual to me and I don’t think I’ve ever made a blouse with such kind of darts. I did try to find how this kind of darts are called but failed. If you happen to know it, please do share 😊

The blouse has no buttons and to help with the dress/undress it has a side zipper (I used an invisible one). The armhole is finished with bias binding and to add a bit of colour, I used a self-made bias using a floral fabric. I do adore to add small details even if it is in the garment’s inside.

One of the things I like particularly in this version is the collar although version B also looks really nice… might have to make another version sometime. In order to keep everything in place, I handstitched the collar facing at the neck and shoulder.


The fabric used is a shirting fabric from Mike Tecidos and it worked as expected but a fabric with some drape must work lovely as well.

To go with the blouse, I also made a skirt that was in my “to do list” for such a long time. The Chardon skirt by Deer and Doe.


I made version A in size 36, based on my waist and hip measurements, using a linen/cotton fabric bought some three years ago and although the photos seem to indicate otherwise, I did iron it.


My only change was to shorten the skirt 5 centimetres. The pattern is lovely and I have intension to make more but I intend to use an invisible zipper next time, instead of a regular one. That would be my only change and that is just a matter of preference.


Although it has a few inverted box pleats, it is a fast project and the result is (as my girls like to say) so satisfying. Let’s be honest, it is a pretty skirt and it has pockets.


The instructions recommend finishing the hem with bias binding and that is what I’ve done. This time I did not made the bias, instead I used a bought one that have a satin finishing and a very similar colour but some stripes that make a subtle contrast. I’m happy with the result and used it as well in the facing.


This is turning out to be a long post… Summarizing, I am really happy with how both patterns turned out and how well they worked together. I have intention to use them again.

Butterick 6446 A New Summer Dress

Sewing for Summer is my absolute favourite. It might not be the wisest, as we only get about 2 months of it, but still it is what I like to make and wear the most. So, it seems only right that I started sewing summer dresses back in February, right?

This particular dress was made recently and I really hope the weather will warm up so that I can wear it, even if a cardigan is needed.


I made the Butterick pattern B6446, view A. I believe this was my first time working with a Butterick pattern for myself, so I choose the size according to my measurements and made a size 8 graded to a size 10 at the waist and hips and just in case, made a toile using the lining. This might sound lazy, but not only saved me some time but also some fabric.


I did not made changes to the pattern, however I made the sash that is supposed to be for views B and C. No idea why as I really like the bow!


Although, I did not made changes to the pattern, I did to the construction and used an invisible zipper instead of a regular one, as it looks much better or should I say it doesn’t look… Sorry this might be a bad joke! But you know what I meant, a clean look is so much better and I thought an invisible zipper would give a neater finish. Also, I changed a bit the way the lining was attached so that the waistline seam would be enclosed and handstitched the lining. Much better in my opinion!


Of course, these are just personal preferences and do not change the way it looks or the fit but I do like a clean finishing.


The main fabric is a cotton print from Fibers to Fabric who kindly gifted it to me in exchange for my honest opinion, which is really honest. So much so that, I already bought more fabric from them. The fabric is a lightweight cotton (lighter than quilting cotton but heavier than lawn) with gorgeous colours as you can see (I did not edit the colours of the photos). It was a pleasure to work with and although it was actually cold when I took the photos, I can feel it is breathable and perfect for summer (can’t wait!). Like I mentioned, I already bought from them after and the shipping was fast (considering it comes from India) and they do have a lovely selection of fabrics. For the lining I used a cotton voile that I had in my stash.


I really like the way the bodice drapes and must confess that I was not so sure if the skirt would suit me well, but actually I quite like it. Oh! It has pockets!


I still have a couple more dresses to share with you but, for the moment I must start the girls Easter dresses as it’s only a week away. Better hurry!

A Summer top for F!

Although the god weather seems to be something that won’t come anytime soon, I can’t think of anything else but warm temperatures and my sewing is going along with my mood.

Recently F asked me to make her dresses and I am working on that too, but for now I made her a top that I know it will be worn a lot, paired with shorts to play freely during the hot days in Portugal (or I hope so). A while ago I took advantage of a paper patterns sale and bought quite a few for me, similarly I couldn’t resist to this one for the girls!

The pattern is the B4176 from Butterick and it has a few options for top, dress (both with or without short sleeve), shorts and pants, but my interest were the tops and dresses options, so I made the option A, a top with short sleeves.




For F, I made a size 6 without changes to the pattern. The length is good and the width might be a little large, however that is only because F’s measurements are several sizes below, there is nothing wrong with the pattern. 😉




The only things I changed were in the construction and even then just for personal preferences, like using French seams or using a hook and eye fastener, because I forgot to sew the elastic and they keep breaking the thread loops I make (most likely I’m making them wrong!).



No need to say that what caught my attention were the inverted pleats at the front! The fabric doesn’t show them very well, but I love the way it makes the top drape.




The fabric I used is a Swiss dot cotton that I particularly like for having the dots in a different colour which I bought here.



Just in case you wonder, Teddy had to be in the photos!! I’m finding this age funny, when they start to like more grown up things and saying that some other things are babyish but they still love their Teddies…



Hope you all had a lovely Easter! 🙂