School started, the weather is definitely changing and with this the virus arrived!! With little lady F having temperature, instead of as planned, going out to the park to enjoy the sun (despite the cold) we stayed home!!

With the cold weather I enjoy even more baking and after a bad night of sleep (or the absence of it) I thought these biscuits would cheer us all up.

I took the recipe from here, but instead of using Reese’s peanut butter cups (because someone mugged the cupboard!!) I used milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses. Unfortunately I don’t get those around here easily so they must be used carefully, however today I thought we could use some. 🙂

They turned out great, soft and delicious!

DSCF1867 (2)

One of the tips I learned lately, since I started baking regularly, was to chill the dough. Probably everyone else knew about this one, except me, but I’m glad I know now, because it makes all the difference!