A new tunic!

It might seem a little early to talk about Christmas, but school holidays will start in 4 weeks and the girls don’t have much blouses/tunics in their closet and they will need them by then. In school they wear uniform and during weekends, t-shirts with a cardigan were doing just fine, but it’s getting even colder and I need to dress them for two weeks with regular closes, so tunics and blouses are much needed now.

I made them an Agnès tunic from Citronille. For me the advantage of this pattern, besides being really cute, is that can be easily layered and it’s possible to smock or not.

I made both tunics in size 6 in a light blue cotton lawn. I made them as told in the instructions, but in one of them I added about 1 inch to the front. That is the advantage of doing two of the same (when I don’t cut all the fabric in the first place, like sometimes I do). I was not sure about the smock because I had never done it before, but the fabric was so simple that it really needed something else or I needed a good excuse to try it! The smock is all done in the reverse and this way of doing it has been taught me by a very gifted lady during my holidays. It has a very simple look and doesn’t add any colour but I like the effect it gives to the tunic.

DSCF2378 (2a)

DSCF2381 (2a)


When I showed it to Little lady M, even before looking at the tunic properly, she asked “are you going to make me a pink one?” and of course, I thought she wouldn’t like it. I was wrong! When she gave it a better look she said it was so beautiful. She loved it and even said she loved everything I do for her, the clothes, the cakes and biscuits, but not the carrot cake ahahaha. As for Little lady F once it is blue it is ok and she also liked it 🙂

Here they are enjoying the new tunic and I am already thinking that I need to make some more 😉

 DSCF2390 (2a)

DSCF2394 (2a)

DSCF2422 (2a)

DSCF2439 (2a)

DSCF2438 (3a)

They love making hearts for photos and sometimes they make some really funny ones.

DSCF2434 (3a)

DSCF2412 (3a)

DSCF2472 (3a)

DSCF2482 (3a)

DSCF2490 (3a)

DSCF2488 (3a)

Have a great week!!