Summer Tops for F

During Eater break we had some lovely warm weather and that was when we realised that F had barely anything to wear!

As usual in the UK, the good weather did not last long and it gave me the perfect time to sew a few tops for F. I also realised that she is growing out of quite a lot of the girls’ patterns I own, as well as some of my Japanese Sewing Books…

Also, I wanted to use some fabric scraps with less than one metre each, that were left from previous projects and these tops proved to be the perfect project for the effect.

The first top I made was the Eloise Gathered Top by Townmouse Patterns. I’ve made this pattern before, three years ago for M and really like it but, unfortunately, F has now outgrown it. To make it work for her I used the size 8 (her chest measurement) and added 5 centimetres to the length.


The fabric is Liberty Tana Lawn in Betsy Denim from Stragier. This print/colour is so beautiful! I also added a cotton lace trim to the front to add some interest. Not that it needed, as both print and fabric are quite beautiful but, I just couldn’t help it.


The second top is also a repeat from one I’ve made previously for F. It is the “Le Haut à Encolure Volantée” from the book “Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants”. I made a size 8 for width with 10 for height.


This time, she chose the fabric and picked a Liberty Tana Lawn Ella and Libby bought ages ago (literally). Such a summery print!


The last top is a really lovely top from the Japanese book “A Sunny Spot”, pattern #10. This is a simple boxy top with just a couple pattern pieces, however, the elastic at the armhole gives it a cute look and adds some interest. I really like how it turned out, simple but cute.


Of course, I had to use F’s favourite print/colour, Liberty Tana Lawn in Capel mustard. I made the size 140 thinking that it would be fairly large on her as she is not 140cm tall but was surprised to find out that it fitted rather well.


All the tops can be easily paired with jeans, shorts or skirts, so that they will have plenty of use and as I made the tops on the large side, fingers crossed, they will last until the end of this summer!

Still in a top mood ;-)

After making the last top for Little Lady F I had to make another one, this time for Little Lady M. Now that I think about it, I believe I’ve never sewed anything for just one of the girls, without having sewed something else for the other one to match!! Well, like I’ve mentioned in the last post, I really liked the book “a sunny spot – Girl’s simple clothes” so I made another top from the same book.

This time I made the #14 in size 110cm, but with a small change to the original. This pattern also have sleeves, but I didn’t sew them because as the top it to be worn during the Portuguese summer, which is usually hot. Everything else was made according to the original.



The fabric is, again, a Michael Miller Clip dot cotton lawn but this time in a different colour and for the collar frill I used the same Liberty Helenas Meadow used before for the bow in the back.



Once again, I liked this pattern and there are quite a few more that I want to make from this book 😉 I like the fit and the construction went smoothly even without knowing Japanese (hope it continues this way!!)



No need to say that the frilled collar is my favourite part, right? 😉

Little Lady M, like most kids, needs to touch everything. She seems to always have her senses in full alert and the touch is, for her, very important! Once I went to a haberdashery with her (it doesn’t happen often) and asked her to keep her hands in her back and don’t touch anything. No need to say that when I looked at her she was touching the fabrics and I told her, again, not to touch to which she replied “I’m not touching mum, I’m just feeling!”. For her those are two completely different things!



This will be my last participation for this KCW but I think it did not went bad 🙂 After being busy, this week, making things for the girls, I might need to make something for myself 😉

Hope you’re having a nice weekend 🙂

Another top ;-)

It is day 3 of Kid’s Clothes Week and I managed to make another top and take some photos!

Last weekend I got a new Japanese sewing book that I immediately fell in love for and couldn’t wait to make something from it. I usually organize my sewing and have all planned but this book was too good to wait! Recently Little lady F asked me to make her something in pink!! A very unusual request from her as she usually likes blue and yellow (so far not very lucky with this last colour). I had some fabric that I really like and believe to be perfect for summer, which was already used before and thought to be perfect for something from this new book, so I attend her request 😉

The book is “a sunny spot – Girl’s simple clothes” and I made the #02 in size 110 that I assumed is for a height range 105 to 115 cm. I say I assume because the book is not translated and my Japanese skills are close to zero!



The fabric is Michael Miller Clip dot cotton lawn and I used a bit of Liberty Helenas Meadow for the bow in the back. I love the bow detail at the back. The blouse uses a button to close and the bow is only for decoration, but still I love it!



I did not made any changes to the pattern and I think I followed the instructions pretty close, but I had to change the opening in the back otherwise it would not go through her head. That’s why it looks a bit wonky in the picture, the opening is bigger than it is supposed.


There are so many other patterns that I really want to make from this book, that I already started another blouse from it, for Little lady M to match her sister. Hopefully it will be ready in time this week. As a bonus the book even has a tunic like this in woman sizes that I would love to make for myself 😉


Lately all that F likes to do is jump!! She doesn’t walk to school she only jumps and run, and keep asking me to look at her to see how high she can jump. They are tired by now and we still have one more month of school ahead but at the same time they seem to be more energetic than ever and me on the other hand only feel tired, not very energetic or at least not as much as the girls!! 😉


About the pattern, I like the loose fit, the ruffle sleeves (this one is obvious) and the bow in the back. It made me really happy when F told me that the blouse was adorable 🙂

Hope you are having a lovely week 🙂