Norma Blouse



I guess the warm weather is really having a good effect on me as my sewing plans are turning to life!

Today I am sharing a blouse recently released by Fibre Mood in their Edition 9. I don’t believe it is necessary to tell you what attracted me in this pattern, right? Just look at those sleeves!


The pattern itself doesn’t bring any more options however, it is easily adjustable and I have seen some modifications that included turning it into a dress so, it is a good starting point.


The instructions mention the pattern is available from size 4 up to 30 however, when printing, the sizes are 32 up to 58. I supposed that being a size 6 by the instructions, I would be a size 34 and that is the size I printed and made. Also, it is possible to print with layers and we can print with or without the seam allowances.


As previously mentioned, I made a size 34 (or 6) without any changes. I am happy with the fit however I noticed the blouse has no bust darts so, I am not sure how the fit will be for bigger sizes. Nonetheless, all the versions I have seen are lovely.


Regarding the fabric, I used a dobby white cotton or plumeti if you prefer. It is a light weight fabric and in my opinion, it worked pretty well. I got the fabric fromRatucos quite a few time ago, but they usually have a lovely selection of this fabric.


I made this blouse with the intention of using it with high waist jeans and for that, it has the right length however, depending on what it will be used with, I might add a couple of centimetres in future ones I make.


Overall, it is a lovely pattern and I will use this blouse a lot, of that I am sure.


Hope you are having a nice week.


Maria x

A Vintage Summer Dress for F


A little unexpectedly, but certainly happy for it, we are having lovely warm weather, that made me want to sew more for summer. My favourite kind of sewing after all.

I don’t think I will be making the girls a lot of clothes nonetheless, I would like to make them a couple of things and when I asked F what she would like me to make her, she said a shirtdress. She really adored the one I made her, a few years ago so, she asked for a new one.

I had a vintage pattern in my stash however, it was a size 12. A little too big for the moment. So, I had a look on ebay and there it was, the very same pattern in size 10. The pattern is Simplicity 5178 from 1972.


It was not the first time I made F a Simplicity vintage pattern and I really like how it fits her.


The pattern offers three different skirt options and two sleeve options. We went for the short sleeve with gathered skirt and fabric belt. The pattern also includes pockets but I skipped those.


In true vintage style, the skirt is on the short side. I absolutely adore the vintage skirts but, I want the dress to last all summer so, I made a smaller hem in an attempt to make this dress last a bit more. 


About the pattern itself, I am pleased with the fit. The dress has darts at the waistline (front and back) and at the shoulders (back) and that does make a difference.


The instructions were easy to follow and I had no issues with that part. What I was not so pleased with, was how the skirt front opening turned out. My fault entirely and I will try to press it better next time she wears it.


The fabric I used is a cotton poplin, from Stragier, in her favourite colour, yellow. To make some contrast, I used Liberty Mitsi cotton lawn for the belt and I couldn’t resit and also made her hair bows to match, using the Clara Bows pattern from Jilly Atlanta.



Overall, I am really pleased with the dress and so is F. I find it to be age appropriate and with a good fit.

Sewing for the girls age group is a bit challenging but, it is fun to see how different is their taste for clothes.


Have a lovely week.

Maria x

Something a little bit different



It has been a while since I last posted here and how much things have changed around here!

Hope you are managing well and that this situation is not having a significant impact in your life.


I have been sewing a little, not much as I am finding it a bit hard to focus and today, I am here to share something a little bit different from my usual projects but, adorable nonetheless.


I have made several of Jilly Atlanta patterns and some of them several times. Jilly Atlanta’s patterns are classic, lovely and my girls really like to wear the clothes I make them using the patterns. This time however, Jilly is releasing a hair bows pattern! The Clara Bows.

There are five different bows in different sizes and can be used as headband, with a hairclip or bobble, to suit all hair styles and ages.


I just couldn’t stop after making one and got a bit carried away. Here are a few bows I have made.

These are bow #3 using gingham cotton to match the pinafore 😊

I used hair bobbles for these.


Made the option #4 using different fabrics, like broderie anglaise and Liberty Tana Lawn. So sweet!

These are all with alligator hairclips except the broderie anglaise ones (I made two). For these I made one with hair bobble and other with hairclip.




For the bow option #5, used swiss cotton dot and adore the vintage look!

This one is also with hairclip.


For a more relaxed look, made the option #7 in chambray and hair bobble.


Finally, made the option #9 using a lightweight linen and used hairclip.


As usual, the pattern includes clear and detailed instructions and even if, like me, this is not your usual project, you can achieve lovely bows to match all those pretty dresses. Also, I think option #4 and 5 works well for grown-ups as well.

This is the perfect project to use scraps or for children to learn sewing. Plus, it is free if you join Jilly Atlanta Facebook Group. 😊 Yes, that is correct, it is free!


Go on, join the group if you haven’t yet and have fun.


Maria x

A new Recital Shirt


Hope you are all managing well through these troubled times.

I confess I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with all this situation but I will keep this space dedicated to sewing as I also believe it takes our minds out of negative thoughts and it helps keeping us sane.

A few years ago, I received the most beautiful present from Constança. It might sound silly, but I liked it so much that I was afraid to use it and ruin it, or not use it wisely. Well, it took me years to finally make something out of it!

Constança kindly sent me some of the fabric she used for her son’s Christening gown, gorgeous broderie anglaise and entredeux. The responsibility, right?

Initially I thought about trying to recreate a lovely blouse my daughters had but then I thought it wouldn’t last long, as Children keep growing so fast and I wanted something to last. Finally, a few weeks ago I was looking for a white shirt and couldn’t quite find what I was looking for, so I thought it was about time to use the fabric and broderie anglaise. Boring as it might sound, I like white shirts/blouses and wear them all the time. After all, it goes well with everything.


So, about the fabric. It is a soft lawn, lovely to work with and to wear. It feels great against the skin. Also, as it is lightweight, the ruffled collar worked beautifully.


The broderie anglaise is supposed the be used differently. However, I thought it would work well for the sleeve and I honestly think it looks lovely this way. It is a darker shade than the fabric but it doesn’t really bother me.


Now, one important thing was to decide which pattern to use. I wanted a pattern I trusted and knew I would wear regularly, so I chose the Recital Shirt by Liesl + Co. I have used it previously and I wear that shirt all the time.


As previously, I made a size 0, without changes other than the sleeves. For the sleeves, I did not change much, in fact I only omitted the cuff and add the broderie anglaise instead. First, I thought about adding an inch or two to the sleeve but, in the end, decided not to as I did not want the sleeve too long so that I can easily wear with ¾ sleeved cardigans.


I attached the broderie to the sleeve and made the elastic casing with bias binding. Simple but effective and it is not itchy against my skin.


Summarizing, I absolutely adore this shirt. I am glad I took the time and I am pretty sure I will wear it quite a lot.

Thank you for this lovely gift Constança.

As for you reading this post, stay safe.

Maria x

New Blouse



Happy New Year! I know it is the end of January but it has been a while since I last shared something or, in fact, that I have actually made something. Well, until recently that is.

My first make of the year was a lovely made using a lovely fabric from Samantha Claridge Studio and you can read all about it here.

Photo 5Photo 6

Hope you like it as much as I do (and that is a lot!),

Maria x