Puffy sleeves for Summer!


Hope you are all well.

It appears that this year I have not been as active in my sewing room as I would like to. I will blame it on Winter! However, lately I have been making plans for my next sewing projects and am starting to feel like sewing again. So, at the moment I have plans, plenty of them! Will see how many come to life. The old struggle is real, so many plans, so little time…

Anyway, I started as I meant to go and manage to finish a blouse. Also, at the moment I am writing this post, I have another one nearly finished! First thing first and I will talk (write?) about the one that is finished already. 😊

I suppose that if you have been following around for a while, you will have noticed that I do adore a beautiful sleeve. A bit of volume, or a ruffle, or both, why not? A couple of years ago I got the Anthea Blouse and Dress by Anna Allen Patterns. I found the sleeves irresistible and made a dress however, my intention was also to make the blouse version. It finally happened!

Aren’t the sleeves so pretty?

I did however, make some changes to the original. On the Anna Allen Patterns blog, you can find a hack suggestion that I quite liked and decided to make it myself.

I started by printing my usual size, a 0 and taking a bit at the front, back and shoulders, using the template provided. As for the sleeve, I used the shorter version and cut the bottom bit of the pattern piece.

I did make some changes to the construction, especially for the button placket and neckline, as I prefer the finishings a bit different. Personal preferences only. Also, instead of using shirring method for the sleeve, I created an elastic casing using bias binding, and used elastic.

I do like how this blouse tuned out (quite a lot!) however, next time I will make a couple of things differently.

First, I will not scoop as much, especially at the shoulders. I think it is a bit too much as it is. I am still going to wear this one and I do feel comfortable doing so, just think it will look better. Again, it is just a matter of personal preference however, what would be the fun of sewing if we couldn’t make it as perfect as possible for us, right?

Second, I will add a bit more length to the ruffle. I made it one and a half times the neckline and it works well nonetheless, it could do with a bit more volume.

Now, the fabric. I used a Liberty Cotton Lawn that has been in my stash for far too long. So long that I don’t remember anymore where I got it from or how this print is called (if anyone knows, please share with me)! Regardless, I like it very much and it was about time I make something with it.

In short, it is a lovely blouse and I very much like it. It was a quick and easy project. Perfect for Summer! 😊

Have a lovely week!

Maria x

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