M’s new Summer outfit


Hope you are all well.

Today I feel like going back in time, going back to my sewing roots. You see, my daughters were one of the reasons why I started sewing. I wanted to make them clothes that I could not easily find on the shops. Making their clothes was something that I really enjoyed! However, children grow (they do have that habit…), life changes and I started sewing for myself instead.

Nonetheless, every time (however rare it might be) that one of my daughters ask me to make something, I say yes and try to fulfil their wishes. I must add that they are quite precise with what and how they want it.

So, M after seeing a blouse in a shop asked me if I could make her a similar one. The fabric was broderie anglaise and she also wanted the same type of fabric, the big sleeves and the front knot.

I looked through the patterns I had and some that I could buy to achieve the desired look but I could not find anything that was exactly what we were looking for. There are some adult size patterns that would work however, M still is under the children size range. For that reason, I reached for an old favourite, the Maria Blouse by Suco by Susana and made some changes.

I think I got the sleeves bit right!

I used the bodice, in size 10, without modifications, no collar just finished with bias binding and adapted the puff sleeve option that is included in the pattern. I used the sleeve head as it was and for the rest of the sleeve used the sleeve from the Norma blouse by Fibre Mood as a reference.

The fabric used is a lightweight embroidered cotton from Lady McElroy bought from Minerva. It worked really well for this project!

To go with the blouse M also asked if I could make her a skirt. The requirements for the skirt were: 1. Have a ruffle at the bottom; 2. It has to be green, sage green to be precise. We searched for fabric and we found this lovely embroidered cotton, with a good weight, in a beautiful shade of green that ticked all the boxes. It really is a beautiful fabric and we got it from Lamazi Fabrics.

It really is a beautiful fabric!

I didn’t really use a pattern however, the Sabina skirt that I made for myself was a good guide. The top part is not just a rectangle of fabric and does have shape. Again, we are both very pleased with how it turned out.

I must add that now I have a list of things to make for M and that really does make me happy! 😊

Have a lovely week.

Happy sewing!

Maria x

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