The Brunswick Pullover

Winter is definitely here! Temperatures dropped dramatically this week and we had snow yesterday. Although being able to admire the beauty of Winter, I confess that it is not my favourite season and I deal very badly with cold.

That said, I am very grateful to Adrianna for creating another wonderful pattern, the Brunswick Pullover.


The Brunswick is an oversized pullover with two views that are interchangeable and available from sizes 2 to 22.

I made a size 2, based on my high bust measurements and didn’t made changes but depending on the type of fabric, some slight changes might be needed (all is well explained in the instruction, as usual).


This pattern is, not only very comfortable but, has some interesting details. I opted for the plackets at the hem (that I adore!) and cowl as I don’t really use the hood and the cowl will make it extra cosy. There is also a kangaroo pocket option and a sleeve pocket that I also like but didn’t have the right zip for it.


The fabric I’ve used is a really very soft sweatshirt fleece from Pin & Sew and for the placket I used a bit of Liberty Tana Lawn. This pattern and fabric combo make it perfect to hibernate. So comfortable!


In all honesty, this is a great pattern, well drafted, very comfortable and perfect for snuggling during these next moths. Mine is being used already and it will continue to be on heavy rotation for the next times.


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