I’m pretty sure you all know Inês but, in the remote case you don’t, I totally recommend you to visit her blog La Folie.

Inês is one of the bloggers I first followed when I started sewing and always admired her creativity and aesthetic. Another thing I also admire on her is the amazing talent to hack a pattern, something that I absolutely lack.

Not only Inês is very talented, but she is also a lovely person. I met her personally a few times and can confirm that she is adorable. Also, she always has a kind word of encouragement. If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have made the swimsuits for my girls.

Another thing I really like about Inês is the care that she has for causes like Fashion Revolution and the preference she gives to organic fabrics and fabrics produced in a sustainable way.

If you could associate a person with a fabric, I’m sure almost everyone would associate Inês with Nosh fabrics. I confess, I started buying Nosh because of her and I do not regret it at all. Not only the fabrics are organic but also have a great quality. She was totally right!

There, is where I got “inespiration” for this project. Also, I used a pattern from a designer that she likes and used her patterns, being the difference, that she made it as a dress.

To be fair, I also like the designer and wanted to try this pattern since it was released. The dress Inês made was beautiful, but I wanted to make it as a top. So, I made the Drop Dress and Top by Made It Patterns and guess what? Yes, you’re right, I used a Nosh fabric… predictable, right? 😉


I love both the pattern and fabric, I only think I should have sized up at the hips, but that is my fault. Next time I know!


Thank you so much Inês for the inspiration and encouragement you’ve been given me in my sewing journey and it is a pleasure to know you in “real life”.

There is a super talented group of ladies sharing their “Inespiration”, so go on and have a look.

5 thoughts on “Inespiration

  1. Such a lovely surprise seeing you in a DROP. It really suits you and the colour is fab. I always wondered if Nosh fabric would be drapey enough for a Drop Dress and Top, it’s not quite as drapey as the pattern calls for but still looks fantastic so I’ll be bearing that in mind for my next one 😉


  2. Minha querida Maria João, não tenho palavras para descrever a vossa generosidade e o quão feliz me deixou esta surpresa. Muitíssimo obrigada! Adoro em absoluto o top, essa cor é perfeita em ti. Beijos do coração! ❤


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