A New Blouse for Me

You know those type of projects you have on your mind for so long but, life keeps happening that it takes so long until you actually make it? This was one of those! Luckily, this one, did came to life, because a lot of them never do!


I’ve always loved ruffles and this year they are trendy so, I’m making the most of it. I was trying to find a pattern with ruffled sleeves or one that I could easily modify when, it crossed my mind that, the only Japanese Sewing Book for women that I own, could have something that could help me. And indeed, it did!


I used the pattern B from the Book “Stylish Dress Book” and changed, the sleeves, only slightly. The only thing I’ve changed to the original was not adding the seam allowance to the hem and eliminate the elastic.


Although this is such an easy project, without closures of any kind or complicated steps, it doesn’t mean it went smoothly. I made such silly mistakes… all for not paying enough attention. I didn’t read the pattern piece where it said to add some width, so I had to cut new ones. And see that cute pleat at the back?


Yes, it was not intended, it was another mistake. There were two lines for two different patterns and I choose the wrong line, so I ended up a back piece a few inches wider that it was meant to be. So, a pleat it was!


The fabric was bought over a year ago at Bolo de Pano, for one of those projects that never happened, but it was handy for this one, as it was the exact kind of fabric I wanted for this project.


Other than my “accidents”, I’m really happy that I made the blouse even before it gets out of trend.

Have a wonderful week!

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