New sweatshirts for the girls

I’ve been wanting to make sweatshirts made partially of woven since last year, when I started to work more with knits. These kind of sweatshirt, in my opinion is still comfortable but the woven adds a nice detail.

When I first saw the Waterfall Raglan I immediately thought of making the ruffle in woven, but because it was a test I didn’t wanted to make things differently, also I wanted to use a fabric that was not the recommended, so I waited a little more, after all, this project only was one year late for me! 😉

The first one I tried was for M and I used the Waterfall Raglan from Chalk and Notch, because I knew the pattern, although I had never tried with a heavier fabric and already had a bottom ruffle.


I made a size 6, the same as before, but for the sleeves I used the size 4 long sleeve length, without the seam allowance, because I wanted the sleeve to be shorter and to add a little ruffle too.



To make the sleeve ruffle I have cut a rectangle of the woven fabric 6 cm high and one time and a half the sleeve measurements for the width and folded in half, so there it didn’t needed to be hemmed. I don’t know if this is the best method but I like how it worked.


The fabric used is a quilted knit from here and a swiss dot cotton that for being light I thought it would work well. Because the quilting knit is not very stretchy I used ribbing in the same colour as the fabric used for the ruffle.


I really like how it turned out and M says it’s like wearing a cloud! It is a bit boxy but it looks cute on her, but maybe next time I will take just a little bit of the width at the bottom, if using a heavy fabric.



Because I was making experiments, I wanted to try different patterns, so for F I used the Lunch Box tee by Oliver + S. I had never tried this pattern before so I decided to go with the size for her height, a size 6, and if needed adjust for the look pretended.



It turned out I did not made any adjustments, so I now know that when making this pattern without modifications I will have to add a few inches to the length and sleeves. Other than that, I really like the fit.



Because this pattern did not had ruffles I made the sleeve the exact same way as the previous one and for the bottom ruffle I also made the width one and a half times the sweatshirt width and also like how it worked.



The only thing I will do different next time is topstitching the sleeves because it keeps turning outside, although I like most how it looks without the topstitching!


I am really pleased with how both sweatshirts look, different styles but still matching and I would definitely make them again. I am pretty sure these will have a lot of use around here.

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