Pyjama Dorminhoco

I am really happy to be writing this post, as today was released the first pattern made by a Portuguese designer written in Portuguese (at least that I know and have tried!)

I’ve been following Susana for some time now and was very curious when she said she would start making patterns, a while ago. Here it is, the first pattern by SUCO by Susana was released today and is a pyjama!



The pyjama dorminhoco is intended for knits, for girls and boys from ages 12 months to 12 years. I have made one for each of my girls and already have more on my table.



The pyjama is very comfortable (accordingly to my girls), not too tight or too loose and the cuffs help keeping it in place while sleeping.


For M I made size 6, without modifications using a cotton knit for the shirt from here and a cotton with some elastane for the trousers and cuffs from here.



For F I made a size 7 and the only thing I changed was the waist elastic accordingly to her measurements and used the same kind of fabric as I used for M.



The pattern is very well drafted, all the pattern pieces match impeccably and the instructions are very clear! I am really pleased with this pattern, Susana did a great job! 🙂



As you can see, the pyjama is comfortable and allows movement. Yes we need that, as my girls don’t stop moving, even while sleeping!




Congratulations Susana! Can’t wait to see what you will be making next! 😉

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