The Tea House Dress Tour

Short after the release of the Tea House Dress pattern from Sew House Seven I was asked if I wanted to be part of this tour, organised for Nelleke and I couldn’t say no! I liked the pattern as soon as I saw it, but I thought I wouldn’t have the time to actually make it. So, the invitation was just a push to make it and I am glad I did it! I did the yoke hand stitching part already while on holidays, it was totally worth my holiday’s time!




First of all, what attracted me in the dress: I like dresses that have an accentuated waist, I believe they fit my body type the best, the V-neck and dolman sleeves are also favourites.

This photo might not be the best one but I couldn’t resist taking a picture in this street while staying in Tomar, Portugal, as I love the colours.



Beside the dress option I made, B, there is also available a top, or below the knee length and spaghetti waist threads. As for the sizes, the pattern includes sizes 0 to 20. To celebrate the tour, Sew House Seven is having a sale and you can get the pattern with 25% off, so this is a good opportunity to get a copy! 😉




The option I made was the B, in size 0, without any modification other than shorten 6 cm, just because I am not tall! As for the fabric I used a Nani Iro double gauze from here that I just couldn’t resist. It was quite a treat for me, but well… I think I deserved it and for some reason I believed that this pattern and fabric matched really well. 😉



Hope you are enjoying this tour and getting inspired, as for me I surely enjoyed this tour even before it started. This group of ladies is not only talented but also very supportive and fun.

Don’t forget to check the all the other posts and Nelleke’s blog to enter the giveaway, for a chance to win a pattern and fabric! 😉


August 9th: Rebel and Malice/Gaafmachine/Stahlarbeit


9 thoughts on “The Tea House Dress Tour

  1. I love your version of the dress! I agree that nani Iro and the pattern go perfectly together. I’ve made mine from floral double gauze and it’s been perfect for two summer weddings.


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