The Atlanta dress

I have the feeling that my girls are growing fast and by this I don’t mean only physically! Each day their personality is stronger and they are starting to have a style of their own, being more determined about what they like and what they don’t. Recently M told me she didn’t wanted shorts made by me, she wanted RTW denim ones! I am fine with that for two reasons at least. I do not have the time to make all the clothes I would like to for the girls and for myself so, I did not made them shorts this year. I want them to wear the clothes I make for them because they like them, not because they don’t want to hurt my feelings.

After telling me about the shorts, M also said that I could make her dresses because she likes the dresses I make. So, I made her the Atlanta dress from Nun Studio.



This pattern is available from sizes 4 to 10 and I made a size 4 with the skirt lengthened to size 6 but, I should have lengthened the bodice as well!



Contrary to most French Patterns the seam allowances are included. The instructions are good and I did not had issues during the construction. I found it fast to sew as it doesn’t have any zippers or buttons.



Unsurprisingly, what attracted me the most in this dress were the sleeves and the bow at the back. The shape of the sleeves is obtained using a very curious method that is responsible for the shape and drape.



The fabric used is the same I used before for F, dotted linen from here, with Betsy Porcelain print from Liberty used for the sleeves lining.



As I mentioned before, I should have lengthened the bodice as well because, as a result, the dress didn’t had length enough to use a regular hem or would end up being already short and I want M to wear it as much as possible. For that reason I used a hem facing with the Liberty print.


I really like this dress and M loved it too! After all this dress is perfect to dance and skipping. 😉

Hope you are having a great week! 🙂

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