The Avery dress by Modkid for F

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Courtney from Sweeter Than Cupcakes asking if I would like to try one of the Modkid patterns, so after going thru the online store I decided on the Avery dress.  There are plenty to choose from and although I felt tempted with a few others I didn’t resisted a dress with a Peter Pan collar!

Like I’ve mentioned before, the pattern is the Avery dress and is available from sizes 2 to 10, with three sleeve lengths options. It is a drop-waist dress, with fitted bodice and twirly skirt (a winning if your girls are like mine!).



There are also some variations included in the pattern, like a mini pocket and belt loops, but I opted not to include them, although it would look cute with a contrasting fabric, for example.



The dress can be worn all-year-round which is great! Just use different fabrics according to the season and one of the sleeve options available. 🙂


The pattern is easy to assemble, the instructions are clear, the notches match and I didn’t have any trouble while making the dress. All went smoothly!



After deciding on the pattern I was undecided about making it sleeveless or short sleeve but then again I didn’t resisted the short sleeve! Choosing the fabric was easy as I love seersucker for summer clothes and I got this one from here.



My initial plans were to add details in red, which is one of my favourite colour combo, but just a few days before I start the dress, F was flicking thru a kid’s clothing catalogue and asked if I could make her a dress like one she liked. The dress was light blue with pink embroidery and this dress was an attempt to go according to her wishes! It is not quite the same but the pink lace in the collar and buttons helped and she loved it! She said it was her sleeping beauty dress because of the sleeves and blue colour!


The fact that the dress has the twirling factor scored extra points!


I made it size 6 and I’m pleased with the fit. I like the fact that the bodice is fitted and the only thing I should have changed (my fault only) is the lining as I used the same outside fabric and should have used a lighter one.


Thank you so much Courtney. 🙂

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