Marie, a new dress for F!

After F’s dresses request for this summer, I decided to make her a dress that was one of the first patterns I tried, from when I first stated sewing.

The pattern is the “Marie” from Citronille and despite being an easy pattern there is something about it that I love. Like I mentioned before, it was one of the patterns I firstly made and although it was not perfect I really liked it and got a few compliments.





For F, I made a size 6 without adjustments and I am pleased with the fit. It is a bit loose but that makes it perfect to move around, especially during hot days.



One of the things I remembered from the first ones I made was that the sleeves’ seams were a bit visible, so this time I made French seams not only at the sides but also at the sleeves. Much better now! 🙂



Although I did not changed anything in the pattern, the instructions say to make a thread loop to close at the back with a button, but I also remember well how many times the girls broke it and for that reason I decided to use a grosgrain ribbon in a contrasting colour. Okay, I am not going to lie… I also think it looks cute.



The fabric used is an Eloise Liberty Tana Lawn from here, that I’ve already used to make a tunic for M, but in a different colour. This way, they will be matching without looking the same. I am getting better with not having to match all the time but still, I like to see them wearing clothes that when I look they match in some way.


I believe this is a perfect dress for summer! Loose fit but elegant and feminine.

6 thoughts on “Marie, a new dress for F!

    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Ana Sofia! 🙂 This pattern is simple but so sweet, really love it too! Good idea! I must try and see if I can skip the loop too. 😉


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Maria! 🙂 My daughter is usually a size 3 or 4 for chest measurements and I like how it looks on her. Also it gives her room to play freely. 😉


  1. Lindy

    Hello, This little dress is so sweet on your daughter. I’m Australian and don’t speak or read a word of French. Do you think this pattern would be easy enough to follow with basic sewing skills. Would love your thoughts.


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much 😊 Although these patterns don’t have detailed instructions or too many pictures, it’s a simple project so, if you have some sewing experience and with the help of translator it should be fine. If you need any help feel free to ask 🙂


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