World Book Day Blog Tour

When Becki from Dobbin’s Bobbins asked me if I wanted to be part of this Blog Tour I immediately loved the idea. How could I say no when the idea was to put together two of my favourite things, sewing and books!


The truth is while in Portugal we didn’t use to celebrate the World Book Day but when we moved to the UK the school celebrates and we loved the idea as we are great reading enthusiasts. 🙂

While thinking which book to choose, quite a few come to my mind, one of those was in fact the theme for one of my first posts. Right after I remembered a book collection that my father used to buy me with the classics, from Charles Dickens to Louisa May Alcott, among several others. The ones I recalled more were the ones from Countess of Ségur. Somehow those books caught my attention, not for being particularly funny, but their lessons and messages where very important to me at the time and I am sure were an influence that, like many other books, helped made me how I am today. This Tour made me realise that maybe, the books not only influenced my personality but also my taste for children clothes! 😉 So, I couldn’t pick just one book but the Countess of Ségur books in general, Sorry!

Unfortunately I don’t have my books with me as they are at my parent’s house, back in Portugal and I couldn’t find any in English here, so I had to use some book covers I found at Pinterest from a French edition. Mine were in Portuguese but the covers were the same and I think you can get the idea. 🙂

Countess of Ségur Books

I did not recreate the dresses because I want the dress to be used and the original ones have too much ruffles for my girls taste, also they are not very wearable nowadays. In this sense, I made a dress inspired by the books but that will have a lot of use. The pattern I chose is the Tinny by StraightGrain because it has several options including some classic ones (perfect for what I needed) and really cute collars.






I made a size 6 for F without significant changes but I should have adjusted the width as she is several sizes below and this pattern would definitely fit her better that way. The only obvious change was the collar. To make it I used a beautiful Broderie Anglaise gifted to me by dear Carla (thank you so much) as part of a Christmas swap.




The fabric I used is Clare & Emily Liberty Lawn from here that for some reason reminds me of Portuguese Embroidery.




I think it is safe to say that she loves the dress! 😉




After the cute skirt and romper, I saw yesterday, I can’t wait to see what everyone is going to make. Don’t forget to check it! Also don’t forget to check the amazing Giveaway Becki is running! 🙂

7 thoughts on “World Book Day Blog Tour

  1. Emi

    It’s so beautiful, Maria! I love that you kept the spirit of the dresses but without too many ruffles. And the Tinny dress is always, always a winner!!


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