A Violette Blouse for me!

I have a long list of things I want to sew for myself this year, but somehow I am not being very successful! Typical for me, you can say. 😉 However, I made another blouse for me, which is the first project I started and finished for myself this year!

I bought this pattern last year and what caught my attention were the details in the back. I like simple blouses with nice details, and piping at the back… I just couldn’t resist!

The pattern is the Blouse Violette by Dessine moi un Patron. I made a size 34 according to my chest measurements without changes to the pattern or instructions.



I like the blouse as it is and very likely won’t make changes next time I make one, I’ll just try different fabrics, like broderie anglaise as one of the examples at the online store, that I really loved!



The fabric I used is an off-white voile with little pink stars and green dots from here, that is beautiful but very hard to photograph (at least for me, that is!)! This was the best one I got, sorry!



I don’t think it is necessary to say that the back is my favourite part of the blouse. 😉 I just love the piping and the 3 little buttons at the back!!


Wish you a great week!!

8 thoughts on “A Violette Blouse for me!

  1. I’ve been a bit absent (too much work …), but it’s really great see what you’ve been doing!
    Love this blouse on you! Congrats on finding time to sew for yourself – it’s totally worthy, especially when the outcome is this beautiful 🙂


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Ana Sofia 🙂 I am trying to sew more for myself as I’ve been neglecting my wardrobe since I stopped working. 😉


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