An almost completely white blouse for me :-)

Since I started sewing for myself I am find it more challenging as I am more aware that there are so many things to be learned, but at the same time I am enjoying it more and more.

I love wearing blouses and tunics and last summer I bought this pattern to make for myself as I loved quite a few versions I’ve seen. Honesty for me it is hard to resist the front yoke with the pin tucks!!

The pattern is the Carme Blouse from Pauline Alice and I made it size 34 according to my bust measurements and although hips fall into size 36, the blouse has enough ease and I didn’t grade.




I did not made any changes to the pattern because I liked it as it is or to the instructions.

The blouse can be used with the long sleeves or rolled up using sleeve tabs which gives the blouse versatility and perfect for a casual or more formal look (my own opinion, of course 😉 ).



The only change I made (if it can be considered a change) was in the number of buttons at the front placket. The instructions mention 6 and I used only 3. That reminds me that I mustn’t forget to add interfacing to the front placket next time!! I was so worried making the front yoke that completely forgot to do it and the buttonholes are a bit messy…


The fabric I used is a pima cotton lawn already used before and to add some interest (nothing against completely white blouses, that I love by the way) I used Liberty (Katie and Millie) for the sleeve tabs, collar and sleeve buttons.



This is me freezing, lol I believe you can see my “chicken skin” as we say in Portugal 🙂




I sincerely liked this pattern and have the intention to make more blouses with it as well as to try more Pauline Alice patterns and a dress is already waiting to be made (not quite sure when yet!).


Hope you are having good return to routine 🙂

12 thoughts on “An almost completely white blouse for me :-)

    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Andreia 🙂 Sewing for myself is far more challenging and I think that is what I like about it, but I wont stop sewing for the girls, I love that too 😉


  1. Emi

    You look beautiful (you’re so brave for facing the cold — we call them goosebumps in the US I believe), and it’s such a lovely blouse. I probably say this every time, but I love your style — and adding the Liberty fabric makes your blouse that much more special.


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Jenya, you are so kind 🙂 The yoke is also what caught my attention in this pattern and Liberty just makes everything looks better, right? 😉


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