Happy New Year!!

One year ago, I wrote a post were I mentioned my sewing related New Year’s resolutions, thus now doing a balance of 2015 and looking back I was pleased to realise that I’ve achieved all of them 🙂 There were only three of them so, it was not that difficult 😉 My resolutions were:

  1. Make more things for the girls “babies”. I didn’t made much, that is the truth, but I made them a sleeping bag for dolls and purses for them;
  2. Start working with knits. I did start working with knits and although I clearly work more with woven I’m getting more familiarized with knits and have plans to continue;
  3. Start sewing for myself. Yes, I started and I am enjoying it more and more. Is far more challenging then sewing for kids but much more rewarding (when the results are good, of course)


For this year my resolutions are:


  1. Making coats. Coats scare me!! I think I will start with something simple, for spring, for example and then will see if I’ll venture in winter coats.
  2. Learn and improve new techniques.


Looks simple, right? Will see how it goes…

I have a few plans and lots of ideas, some are not even sewing related others are not directly related but I believe will improve my skills. Most of all I want to have fun, enjoy, learn and improve.

In summary I believe 2015 was a good sewing year for me 🙂 I learned a lot, I believe I’ve improved as well, but most of all I’ve met so many wonderful people that share the same interest, some of them I even met personally and had great fun! This was the best part for sure 🙂


Wish you an amazing 2016!!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. It always comes down to the people we meet, right?
    Coat are addicting, believe me! I have made so many for my daughter!!!
    Have a great 2016 Maria. ❤ and let's hope we'll be able to meet too.


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you for your encouragement Magda 🙂 You are right, it always comes down to the people we meet and hopefully we will meet personally this year 😉 Have a great year!


  2. I think I totally missed most of my 2015 sewing goals (I’ve been wanting to sew new quilts since 2014 and I still need to sew (much) more for me), but I did enjoy everything I sewed and love meeting personally with so many of my dear “sewing” friends – that was definitively the best of 2016.
    Happy New Year, my friend ❤


  3. fairiesbubblesco

    My sewing goals were much simpler than a quilt, but enjoying everything you sewed is far more important 😉

    I totally agree with you, meeting personally with so many “sewing” friends was the best part 🙂


  4. Teresa c

    My goal this year is to sew with knits and pay more attention to detail and techniques. I’ve had so much inspiration from all the sewing blogs I’ve discovered late in year! Happy 2016!


  5. teresa c

    I’m planning to learn how to sew knits this year, as well as paying more attention to detail and tecniques. The inspiration I’ve found in the blogs I’ve discovered late in the year is mostly responsible for this… Thank you!


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Knits used to scare me but now I feel more confident although I do use more woven. Certainly it is worth a go 😉
      Other blogs can be really inspiring and that is a great thing about sewing community.
      I am looking forward to see what you are going to make this year 😉 Happy new year!!


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Obrigada 🙂 A verdade é que nunca estive satisfeita com a cara anterior… Como se costuma dizer ano novo vida nova e este ano, logo no primeiro dia resolvi mudar 😉
      Os casacos vão ter que ser com alguma calma, acho que vou começar por algo mais simples de meia estação e capas.
      Um bom ano e boas costuras 🙂


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