The “Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants” Book Review

The Citronille patterns were one of the first patterns I used when I started sewing for my girls. I think the first pattern I ever used was the Marie. Since then, I made a few more including one for myself and although the instructions were not easy to follow as a newbie, the patterns are good and the classic style makes the effort totally worth it 🙂

A few weeks ago I bought my third book from Astrid Le Provost, the “Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants” and so did Ana Sofia. When we shared the book on IG we got a few comments that showed interest and curiosity about the book. So, when Ana Sofia suggested a book review I loved the idea! Who else would be better to make a book review on a Citronille book then her, the person that introduced me their patterns and which I admire so much? 🙂

So today we are sharing what we made from the book so far and showing other patterns that can also be found in the book.


The first pattern I tried was the “robe taille basse” in size 6 for F. I didn’t made any changes to the pattern or instructions, but next time I will. My girls are, usually, a couple of sizes down in chest measurements and usually I don’t make changes, but in this case I think it would be better to adjust the width, also in the pattern there is an opening in the back skirt to make the dress/undress easier but that I will not make it next time because I think it is not necessary, at least for my girls.


The fabric I used is a Robert Kaufman, House of Wales Plaids, from here, that I really like but unfortunately was not approved by the recipient of the dress, which was completely new to me as until now she always wore everything I bought or made for her. I suppose it is part of the growing up process!? The good thing is she already used it, so it may not be completely out 😉



This the kind of dress that I always have in their wardrobe, so I believe I will be doing it again, but next time with the adjustments already mentioned and to be honest I really like to see her wearing this dress 🙂



In the colder months the girls wear a lot jeans to go out as it is too cold for dresses, so I need some more blouses and tunics for them and therefore I choose to make “La blouse raglan a petit col”. Again, I made a size 6 for both girls without any change to the pattern or instructions and I won’t change anything next time I make one as it is an easy and fast shirt to make with a neat finishing inside, it is comfortable to wear and the collar is really cute!



The fabric I used is a viyella from here, which I bought during summer while in Portugal and I really like the floral print. Although the recommended fabric for this blouse is poplin and I think the drape is better, I wanted something warmer and I believe it drapes good as well.






I also made the girls “Le beguin de lutin” in size 8, because I found it so cute and hats are almost mandatory around here. I used a navy blue corduroy to match the coat and Liberty on the inside and straps. They look quite cute and wanted to wear it even though it was not that cold!




Besides these patterns and the really cute ones that Ana Sofia made, the book have patterns for both girls and boys as well as accessories, toys and bags for an age range from 2 until 10 years old, which is great!

These are some of my favourites and I will definitely make a few. Ana Sofia made a couple from these and they are really cute.



Some of the boys’ patterns are quite cute as well!



Some more for girls 😉


To have sweet dreams


Some bags and a sweet Teddy that make great Christmas presents!


Summing up, the book have great clothes patterns for boys and girls in a wider age range than the previous book, includes some nightwear as well as a toy and decorative pillows, accessories and bags and although the instructions are not very detailed, as usual in Citronille patterns, I did not had any trouble following them and never felt “lost” even with my French being a bit rusty. The clothes patterns are classic and easy to give it a personal touch which make it, in my opinion a great addition to any sewing library.

If you haven’t already, go and see what Ana Sofia made for her girl. I guarantee it is really pretty, as usual 😉

Have a great weekend 🙂

13 thoughts on “The “Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants” Book Review

  1. Thank you so much for making this book review possible!
    I can’t even pick a favorite from what you made ❤ the dress was already on my sewing list and your blouses are even more beautiful than the original version. I probably won't be making the beguin, but that's only because it never gets cold enough for it around here. Otherwise …
    PS. Love the photos 🙂


  2. Seriously good review, thank you for doing it! Can´t wait for my book to arrive! Loved all your makes, but those blouses are beautiful, the collar is so unique! You always make me want to go back to the “classical” style! ❤


  3. Olá Maria, não sei como, tinha-me escapado este post, e tanto que eu queria ver as vossas “reviews”. Já vi o post da Ana Sofia e este livro já estava na minha “wishlist” mas afinal preciso dele JÁ! Todas as peças que mostraram são lindas, adoro (bem me tinhas dito 😉 )
    O vestido é de uma simplicidade maravilhosa e assenta-lhe tão tão bem e o tecido é perfeito para ele. Acho que a tua filhota vai acabar por mudar de idéias. E a túnica com aquela gola… Gira, gira, gira.
    Tudo top!!!


  4. Andrea Nishioka

    Hi! Thank you so much for the review, I was surfing Amazon looking for a book just like this, then I found Nouveaux intemporels pour enfants, but I wanted to see what’s inside before buying it.


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