Burda blouses for the girls!

While in the holidays I haven’t sewed much, I have organised the “to do” list for Autumn/Winter (subject to changes, as usual!) and made some fabric and haberdashery shopping as well. Included in this shopping was the magazine, the fabric and the lace used for this project that went immediately for the list.

This particular issue of Burda had quite a few patterns that I liked, both for the girls and for me, but the one that caught my eye first, for the girls, was this blouse (although F also asked me to make her the shorts – I must agree they are really cute). The pattern is the 136A from Burda Style 9/2015.




Yes, I know, the plaids in the sleeves are not matching with the front ones… I already made a mental note to be more accurate next time!! 😉

For M I made a size 110 and for F size 116 and both fit well. I haven’t made major changes, except for a bigger opening in the back for F and in both blouses changed the hem to be straight instead of round.

The fabric I used was a viyella bought in a very traditional fabric store in my home town 🙂 and I used the pink one for M…



… and the blue one for F.



What I like the most about these blouses is the fit, the sleeves and of course the lace 😉 however the lace I like so much was reason for some complain from F, as she said that it was itchy in the sleeves :-(.



I think the blouses look great with the pinafore dresses I made them recently. 😉



Wish you a lovely week 🙂

14 thoughts on “Burda blouses for the girls!

    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Emi 🙂 I had the pinafores in my list for a long time and when I saw the blouses I thought they would look good together. I’m glad you liked it 😉


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Andreia 🙂 I must say that this is only the second pattern I make from Burda, but in both cases I really liked the fit!


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