Happy Birthday Sara!!

Sara doesn’t need to be introduced, as she is one well known blogger and today is her Birthday so here we are helping her to celebrate (not that she asked our help 😉 )

Unfortunately we never met in person, but Sara is one of the persons I “know” in the sewing world with more knowledge and kind enough to share with others 🙂 She is always willing to help or share and I can tell that I learned a lot with her!! Thank you so much for your generosity 😉

When did I discover Sara’s blog, Made by Sara?

I believe I discovered Sara’s blog with the I (heart) Marcel Marlier series. The dress and photos completely caught my attention.

What do I like most about her blog?

One of the things I like the most about Sara’s blog is the variety of projects she makes that make it so inspirational.

What is my favourite sewing project?

I like several projects but when I think of Sara’s blog, two dresses immediately came to mind, the Ishi Dress and the “ice cream dress”, so I suppose these two are my favourites 😉

Now, as usual, all birthday girls gets to receive a birthday present, right? So, this is my present for Sara.



I made several of these baskets (using this tutorial) for myself, to help me have everything organised and I never seem to have enough, so I made one for Sara as well and included some sewing tools, pencils for tracing patterns and some tea and chocolates (those count as sewing tools as well, at least for me!). Hope you like everything Sara 🙂



Hope you are having an amazing day Sara. Happy Birthday!!

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