First autumn sewing

Some time ago Constança, sent me a pattern that I loved the minute I saw it (thank you so much), but did not immediately made it because the girls had a few similar pinafore dresses that I had bought before I started sewing. Now those pinafore dresses don’t fit them anymore and I had the opportunity to give it a go because this is the kind of clothes that my girls always have in their wardrobe. 🙂

The pattern is Style 3718 for 4, 5 and 6 years from 1983 and I made a size 4 for M and size 5 for F.


I haven’t made any changes to the original pattern, just didn’t stitched the straps in the back as instructed so as they grow I can change the position of the button to make them last longer, which is one of the things I like about the pinafores besides being really cute.


The fabric used is a cotton denim with some stretch. It was chosen to match with almost anything, that is, to be a basic for this season.



To add some interest I used flower shaped wood buttons and lace in the pocket. I know that if the lace was of a different colour it would look better or at least would increase the interest, but I really wanted this pinafore to be a basic and so I decided to use the blue. It works for the purpose I had in mind.


In summary, I liked this pattern once is easy to sew, the finished garment fits very well and is really cute, therefor I have the intention of making it again with a different fabric option.






Wish you a great week and a lovely Autumn 🙂

10 thoughts on “First autumn sewing

    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Ana Sofia 🙂 Until now they had store bought ones, but know that you mention it, I realised that it’s true, there aren’t many pinafore patterns, which is a shame!!


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