It’s Madeit Fashion Week!!

As you might have already realised it is Madeit Fashion Week and among other really talented ladies I feel really lucky and honoured to be part of it 😀 .

Fashion Week poster4

I really admire Madeit Patterns, so creative and ingenious, that when Olu from Needle and Ted asked for some more testers for the Pocket Fold Skirt I didn’t wanted to lose the chance. The construction is amazing and everything went so well that my admiration increased even more!

For the Fashion Week I’ve chosen the Pleat Fold Top because when I saw it at Needle and Ted IG I loved it so much, that I thought it would combine with the skirt perfectly! No need to say that I love how F looks 🙂

Here is Little Lady F showing off her outfit 😉



The instructions are really good which made the construction smoothly. I made the top with the hem option 1 because I didn’t had my sewing machine with me and didn’t wanted to take risks ;-). Loved how it turned out :-), honestly I like both hem options and it would have been hard to choose one if I had to!



For the skirt I used a medium weight denim and for the top “Lodden” Liberty Tana Lawn bought at a lovely shop during my holidays in Portugal. I confess that if I was buying online, probably, I wouldn’t have chosen it, but when I saw it at the store I loved it, however didn’t bought it immediately. Two days after the first visit I went back to get it because I thought it would match the skirt colours (good excuse, right? 😉 )



The skirt is a size 4 and the top is a size 5 blended with 6 for height because she is growing too fast and I want the top to last for some time just because I like too much. You must agree that it would be a shame not to wear it a lot!!



To celebrate the Fashion Week, Madeit is giving away great prizes and discounts!! So, don’t forget to check it because they are really worth it!



The inspiration for the Fold 2 collection was origami and somehow a cat mask seemed appropriate. You see… a cat in the catwalk! F loved the mask and so did her sister so we might became origami addicted 😉



Ok, now it’s enough, no more photos 😉 Sorry for the high amount of photos, but I love the patterns and being part of the show, besides having fun 🙂


Do not leave without checking what is being done by this talented ladies during this week. I’ve seen serious talent!! Enjoy!!

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18 thoughts on “It’s Madeit Fashion Week!!

  1. Emi

    Beautiful, Maria!! I love everything about this outfit ❤ I would be able to choose it "out of a crowd" because it's so you! 😉 Oh, and that mask is amazing, too.


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Emi 🙂 It’s funny that you say it is “so much me” because I feel like I went a bit out of my comfort zone and yet I kept “true” to myself. If that makes any sense 😉


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you 🙂
      No need to be sorry 🙂 I did not invented anything new and I’m sure you did an amazing job. I’m looking forward to see what you’ve made 😉


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Muito obrigada 🙂
      Gostei muito de experimentar estes moldes e também gostei bastante do resultado!
      Divertimo-nos imenso a tirar estas fotografias e a F adorou a máscara 😉


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