The Paneled Sunsuit

The Paneled Sunsuit is CallAjaire’s new pattern, just released yesterday, it’s now available at the UpCraft Club and from Monday it will also be at Ajaire’s shop! 🙂 I love rompers, my girls always wore them and I think they will for a few more years. They look really cute and allow them to play freely but always looking good, so I was really happy to test this pattern for Ajaire. This pattern is not only a sunsuit, also has quite a few options 😉 You can choose from shorts, trousers, skirt or maxi-skirt. All of these options can have pockets and of course there is room to add your personal touch with faux piping, trimmings or other embellishments you might prefer. IMG_2772.1a What makes this patter different, in my opinion, beside the amount of options, is the fitting. The sunsuit is fitted as you can see in the pictures, but the elastic in the back makes it really comfortable and allows them to move freely. This sunsuit was already used for a gymnastics birthday party and had no complains about restricting movements. IMG_2780.1a Other positive point is the absence of fasteners, buttons or zippers which make it great (and fast) for dressing/undressing on their own. IMG_2797.1a IMG_2804.1a As mentioned before, apart the shorts option there are a few more and I also tested the skirt version, which I would say is more for a smart but comfy look 😉 IMG_3388.1a IMG_3346.1a For both versions I made a size 5 for length and 3 for width using seersucker and a poplin floral combo. IMG_3412.1a IMG_3420.1a Just in time for the warm weather we are having 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Paneled Sunsuit

    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you Rachel 🙂 We love bubbles around here (therefore the blog’s name) and they can spend a huge amount of time in the garden playing happily with them!


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