Still in a top mood ;-)

After making the last top for Little Lady F I had to make another one, this time for Little Lady M. Now that I think about it, I believe I’ve never sewed anything for just one of the girls, without having sewed something else for the other one to match!! Well, like I’ve mentioned in the last post, I really liked the book “a sunny spot – Girl’s simple clothes” so I made another top from the same book.

This time I made the #14 in size 110cm, but with a small change to the original. This pattern also have sleeves, but I didn’t sew them because as the top it to be worn during the Portuguese summer, which is usually hot. Everything else was made according to the original.



The fabric is, again, a Michael Miller Clip dot cotton lawn but this time in a different colour and for the collar frill I used the same Liberty Helenas Meadow used before for the bow in the back.



Once again, I liked this pattern and there are quite a few more that I want to make from this book 😉 I like the fit and the construction went smoothly even without knowing Japanese (hope it continues this way!!)



No need to say that the frilled collar is my favourite part, right? 😉

Little Lady M, like most kids, needs to touch everything. She seems to always have her senses in full alert and the touch is, for her, very important! Once I went to a haberdashery with her (it doesn’t happen often) and asked her to keep her hands in her back and don’t touch anything. No need to say that when I looked at her she was touching the fabrics and I told her, again, not to touch to which she replied “I’m not touching mum, I’m just feeling!”. For her those are two completely different things!



This will be my last participation for this KCW but I think it did not went bad 🙂 After being busy, this week, making things for the girls, I might need to make something for myself 😉

Hope you’re having a nice weekend 🙂

4 thoughts on “Still in a top mood ;-)

    • fairiesbubblesco

      Muito obrigada Soraia 🙂 O livro é mesmo bom, compra e acho que não te vais arrepender 😉 só tenho pena de já não conseguir fazer o que gostaria antes das férias, mas para o Outono há umas jardineiras tenho mesmo que fazer (também adorei!).


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Muito obrigada Paula 🙂 Eu também adoro golas e elas sempre usaram, já devem estar habituadas, mas sei que não deve durar muito mais tempo, por isso, vou aproveitando enquanto der 😉


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