Another top ;-)

It is day 3 of Kid’s Clothes Week and I managed to make another top and take some photos!

Last weekend I got a new Japanese sewing book that I immediately fell in love for and couldn’t wait to make something from it. I usually organize my sewing and have all planned but this book was too good to wait! Recently Little lady F asked me to make her something in pink!! A very unusual request from her as she usually likes blue and yellow (so far not very lucky with this last colour). I had some fabric that I really like and believe to be perfect for summer, which was already used before and thought to be perfect for something from this new book, so I attend her request 😉

The book is “a sunny spot – Girl’s simple clothes” and I made the #02 in size 110 that I assumed is for a height range 105 to 115 cm. I say I assume because the book is not translated and my Japanese skills are close to zero!



The fabric is Michael Miller Clip dot cotton lawn and I used a bit of Liberty Helenas Meadow for the bow in the back. I love the bow detail at the back. The blouse uses a button to close and the bow is only for decoration, but still I love it!



I did not made any changes to the pattern and I think I followed the instructions pretty close, but I had to change the opening in the back otherwise it would not go through her head. That’s why it looks a bit wonky in the picture, the opening is bigger than it is supposed.


There are so many other patterns that I really want to make from this book, that I already started another blouse from it, for Little lady M to match her sister. Hopefully it will be ready in time this week. As a bonus the book even has a tunic like this in woman sizes that I would love to make for myself 😉


Lately all that F likes to do is jump!! She doesn’t walk to school she only jumps and run, and keep asking me to look at her to see how high she can jump. They are tired by now and we still have one more month of school ahead but at the same time they seem to be more energetic than ever and me on the other hand only feel tired, not very energetic or at least not as much as the girls!! 😉


About the pattern, I like the loose fit, the ruffle sleeves (this one is obvious) and the bow in the back. It made me really happy when F told me that the blouse was adorable 🙂

Hope you are having a lovely week 🙂

12 thoughts on “Another top ;-)

  1. Gosto tanto 🙂
    Eu também tenho esse livro (rendi-me ao facto de ir até aos 150cm e ter modelos para nós!), mas acho que não vou conseguir fazer nada antes das férias 😦
    Esse modelo é o primeiro da minha lista – fica-lhe tão bem ❤


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Muito obrigada Ana Sofia 🙂 Gosto mesmo deste livro e já estou a fazer outro top! Concordo que ir até aos 150 cm é mesmo uma vantagem! Como te percebo, também não vou conseguir fazer tudo o que queria antes das férias 😦 Estou curiosa para ver o que vais fazer 😉


  2. Your work is so inspiring to me! I just read through your whole blog and I enjoyed every post and project. May I ask, do you have an overlocker (serger). I didn’t see any mention of one and I was wondering if you just use a sewing machine?


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much for your kind words, they made my day! 🙂
      Yes, I do have a overlocker. I bought one around Christmas time, using it a lot to achieve a neat finishing and to work with knits.


  3. Adoro o tecido, claro 😉 Mas o engraçado é que há uma semana ou duas atrás andei a tentar descobrir de onde era este modelo, que ADORO. Tinha visto no IG vários mas como estava tudo em japonês nem conseguia perceber de que livro era. Quando finalmente consegui só o encontrei à venda na amazon do Japão, não conseguia perceber nada… Entretanto a minha irmã descobriu noutro site e comprou 🙂 Ainda não chegou mas estou em pulgas para ver!
    A tua blusa está linda e fica-lhe muito bem. Se calhar vou precisar de ajuda com o japonês… 🙂


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Muito obrigada Tânia 🙂
      Acho que vais adorar o livro! Eu já fiz mais um top e tenho várias coisas em lista de espera 😉 Eu também não percebo nada de Japonês, lol, mas posso sempre tentar ajudar 😉 Ah, o livro comprei numa loja no etsy.


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Marisa 🙂 I really like the book very much and there are more things I want to make from it. Can’t wait to see what you are going to make from it 🙂


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