The Alice top!

Yes, it’s me again! I am really enjoying making clothes for myself

This time I made the Alice top, a pattern from Tessuti Fabrics and although this was one of the first patterns I bought for me, only now I had the courage to make it. It is not complicated at all, however I had some reluctance concerning the sizes, all because I read some comments about the fitting and due to my size being the XXS (the smaller) I couldn’t go a size down, basically because I do not have the knowledge to change patterns (yet!). Anyway I made it and I like
it, despite agreeing that it could be a bit smaller and fitted I don’t really mind the loose fit, as it was made to be a summer garment.


I might not have the knowledge to change a pattern, but at least I can reduce the length and I reduced it about 3 cm. Other than that I did everything as told in the instructions.



For the fabric I chose a Liberty Capel Turquoise that I really like and for the front and back yoke a cream dobby cotton lawn. I must confess that at first I loved the combo, but while making the top I started to doubt and feel insecure about my choice. The thing is, the fabrics match just fine, but I was afraid the cream colour would not make me look that good! In the end I think it is not that bad and believe that all the turquoise colour around gave it a good look 😉


Hope you are having a great week 🙂

13 thoughts on “The Alice top!

    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you Jenya 🙂 I loved this top since I first saw it, really is a great top!
      The weather is getting better, at least reached the 20C, still need a cardigan but is better than before 😉


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Muito obrigada Paula 🙂
      Agora estou a fazer túnicas para as miúdas, mas estou a gostar mesmo de fazer roupa para mim. Vou fazendo para todas 😉


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