Aster Cardigan

I am, most likely, the last person in the sewing-for-kids world, to make the Aster Cardigan!! Well, finally I got the courage to make it 🙂

I loved so much some versions of this pattern that I really wanted to try it, but I had never worked with knits and truth is, it scared me, so this was a BIG challenge for me. First time working with knits and first project using an overlocker!

The things didn’t go quite well as planned and I learned a few more things which is always good and part of it.

The pattern used is the Aster Cardigan from Willow & Co. in size 5. Although the Peter Pan collar is one of the things I like the most in this pattern, I decided to omit it this time. This particular cardigan was made to match the bubble shorts and will be worn with a ruffle collar, so that would be too much collars.

The fabric used is a cotton interlock, for the bias tape and to cover the buttons I used the same fabric already used in the bubble shorts.



I have to admit that working with knits took me some time, because I wanted to make the best I could and although is far from perfect I am happy with what I achieved 🙂

Little lady F was happy with it as well and the girls said it was cosy!






By now you must have realised that I only have one cardigan!! Yes, that is it. This was my first project with knits and I didn’t wanted to rush it, also my parents are visiting me :-), thus I also want to spend time with them and still be able to participate in the Kid’s Clothes Week. So now I need to go make another one to Little lady M or I will get in trouble!

Have a good weekend 🙂

16 thoughts on “Aster Cardigan

  1. Este teu Aster está mesmo giro! E fica mesmo bem com os bubble shorts.
    Bem-vinda ao mundo dos knits! Atenção que eles são perigosos. Criam dependência muito facilmente!


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Obrigada Marta 🙂 As miúdas disseram logo que era “cozy” e apesar de ainda ter muito que aprender acho que vou continuar, sim 😉


  2. Está super giro Maria! A cor é fabulosa e o conjunto está muito, muito bem pensado! Gosto mesmo muito! És super corajosa digo-te já! Avanças para as tuas resoluções de ano novo cheia de determinação e isso merece palmas … clap, clap! 😉


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Thank you so much Catherine 🙂 I bought the girl’s tops in Portugal, but I think you can buy them on a UK online store as well. If you want just send me an email and I will send you the link 😉


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