Bubble shorts

This is my first participation at the Kid’s Clothes Week and although I became a fan of this season theme, upcycled, in one of my last projects, the truth is I didn’t have anything else to use!! I moved to UK less than two years ago so I only brought the clothes that I actually use and are in good conditions. The only one I could use has been used already! Nevertheless I really wanted to be part of the fun 😉

For the pattern I choose the Bubbles Shorts from DoGuincho. I bought this pattern a couple of months ago but then winter started and only now, that I am hopping for the good weather (eventually) and organizing the girls wardrobe for the spring I decided to make them. As for the fabric choice I used a white poplin for the lining and a Liberty Kingly Cord (Sarah’s Secret Garden) that I had already in my stash, bought in sale when I first started making clothes for my girls (that counts as upcycle, right?) and I have to say that I really love this print and despite being cord it have beautiful spring colours.




Together, the pattern and the fabric make a perfect match for spring (my opinion of course!). The shorts look just great and give them a smart look, but are practical as shorts to play 🙂

I made both shorts in size 5. The instructions were easy to follow, which made this a great project with a final result that pleased me very much. I must say that Marta did a great job for this pattern.

Here it is Little lady F with her shorts. She likes shorts very much because she likes to play freely and loved the way these looked.




Little lady M was also very pleased because although being shorts they look like a skirt 😉




Lately my girls seem to be the best friends…



the next minute they are arguing because they don’t agree in the pose for the photos…


and another minute later they are laughing again… well I think this is part of being sisters!


I’m sure this week there will be lots of great projects being shown and I look forward to it 🙂

Have a great week!

12 thoughts on “Bubble shorts

  1. dianampais

    Ficaram super giros e também acho o tecido perfeito para a primavera. Parabéns! Acabei de fazer uns bubble shorts para a filha de uma amiga, e também achei o molde e as instruções muito fáceis de seguir.


  2. Que giros que ficaram nelas! (a minha filha, já cá veio “espreitar” e pediu uns iguais)
    Também estou a precisar de voltar a fazer este molde (os que fiz há 2 anos, já não servem …)


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Muito obrigada Patrícia 🙂 Faz os calções e vais ver que a Miss Caracolinhos vai adorar 😉 Eu também tenho o mesmo problema com as listas, aumentam mais rápido do que eu vou conseguindo fazer!


  3. Os teus bubbles estão lindos e elas são mesmo engraçadas. Ando com imensa vontade de fazer uns novos para a Gabriela, os 1ºs já não servem. Mas acho que vou esperar para fazê-los qd o tempo aquecer.com este frio só penso ainda, em casacos e coisas quentes!!! hehhe


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Obrigada Magda 🙂 Eu já estou farta de frio!! “Tive” que começar a pensar em algo com um ar mais fresco e cores alegres, para me animar 😉


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