Ruffle Collar Shirt

I love to see a ruffle collar in a little girl and my girls always had worn them, so I haven’t resisted this pattern when I saw it! They had a couple of shirts very similar to these that they wore for the last couple of years but finally they have outgrown (can’t ask for more for a kids garment, right?) and now I was looking for a pattern that I could use to replace them.

The pattern is the Ruffle Collar Shirt from Amelie Clothing. I used size 5 for both girls but made some minor changes. I reduced the ruffle width in ½ inch and reduced the sleeve length in 1 ½ inches for Little Lady M a slightly less for Little Lady F. Also had to change the way the sleeve is made to include the trim. The trim ended up being one of my favourite details of the shirt, but I almost did a regular long sleeve then I give it a second thought and why not use that cut, already in the pattern and add something else?

For the fabric I used cotton poplin and I must say that although it might not look like a print suitable for little girls, I like it a lot and had an eye on that fabric for a while.



Although I might try some changes next time, I like this shirt and the way the girls look in it. It’s classy, but good enough to go with jeans and in a few months with shorts. The girls were also pleased 🙂

Here it is Little Lady M wearing her new shirt…




Little Lady F…



And both girls 😉


Warning: I am not responsible for the following photos. The responsibility is entirely from the girls.

They, usually, don’t mind taking photos and even ask me sometimes to take some, so I let them play a little and here they are trying new poses for photos 🙂




Have a lovely week 🙂

11 thoughts on “Ruffle Collar Shirt

  1. Catherine

    Hi Maris, I have discovered your blog via Flickr and love it, particularly because I have twin girls as well. They are 2 years, I also have another daughter aged 4. I sew clothes for myself but I am starting to sew for the girls as well. I absolutely love your style and I hope I can create something similar to the clothes You make. Best Wishes!


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Obrigada 🙂 Eu também adoro golas e elas sempre usaram, mas acho que já não vão usar durante muito mais tempo, por isso, tenho que aproveitar enquanto posso 😉


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