Christmas dresses

Another Christmas have gone by and despite the differences in the way we celebrate it now, the girls still needed a proper dress for the occasion 😉

I have to confess I had plans to make at least a nightgown each for Christmas night and even after bought the pattern, fabrics, trims and everything needed I didn’t made it… But at least the dresses were made and I was pleased with them and so were the girls 🙂

For the dresses I chose the Blake Dress from Mingo and Grace. I almost didn’t bought it because only goes until size 6 and the girls are already that age, but I liked it so much that I didn’t resist it and I am glad I have it after all my girls are tiny and Little lady M only wears a size 4 and Little lady F a size 5, so I still can make a few more because it is an adorable dress.

The pattern have the option of being fully lined or not lined, but I opted for something in between, that means I made it with the bodice lined and hand stitched the lining to the skirt. This pattern also includes pockets, but although I am sure the girls would have loved them I omitted them for this once.



The fabric is plaid cotton that in my opinion it is Christmassy enough but still can be used after the Holliday Season and for an extra Christmas look I placed a velvet bow that can easily be removed.


For Little lady M I chose the fabric in colour red





And for little lady F I chose the colour green





They were both pleased with the dresses and had a lovely day playing. I have to tell you that despite my girls enjoy taking photos it is really difficult to get a decent one with both looking well enough 😉


Have a great Holiday Season 🙂

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