The Birthday Dress

Today is the girls Birthday and for that reason a new dress was much needed.

Since I did the tunics I wanted to try the dress from the Playtime pattern from Oliver + S and today was the perfect occasion. In my opinion this is a great pattern that can result in a perfect dress to play (as named) or, with a different fabric and/or embellishments can result in a more classic look, just what I was looking for today. Pretty but good to play!

I made both dresses in size 5, but for Little lady M I shortened it about 2 inches. I used a navy blue corduroy and “broderie anglaise” with Liberty fabric (Katie and Millie) to make it a little bit more festive and add some colour.

IMG_0099 (2a)

IMG_0102 (2a)

IMG_0110 (2a)

IMG_0098 (2a)

Usually the girls are happy to take photos and sometimes they even ask me to. But today was not one of those days! They were more concerned in playing with the new toys than any other thing, so these are the only ones I managed to take.

IMG_0118 (2a)

IMG_0123 (2a)

IMG_0140 (2a)

Have a lovely week 🙂

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